A garage door opener is an integral part of many homes and businesses. And it is easy to see why. This motorized device allows you to operate the heavy garage door with a few clicks. The simplest model has been around since post-World War II. But now, there are more exciting options on the market. So before choosing one particular type, here are the basic things you should know about garage door openers

How a garage door opener works

A garage door opener uses a motor to control the movements of the garage door. Most models are installed on the garage wall or mounted at the top of the ceiling. You can use a wall control or a remote control to manage it. If you go for a smart model, you can link it to your smartphone using an app.

Are you surprised how a ½ horsepower machine can lift your heavy-duty garage door? It can do it because the opener does not do most of the heavy lifting. Instead, the torsion springs and extension springs carry much of the garage door’s weight. The opener triggers and then contributes to the whole process of opening and closing the garage door.

Types of garage door openers

Chain-driven – This type uses a chain-running unit that works like a bicycle chain. The chain attaches to a trolley that runs along a rail to raise and lower the garage door. While it is perfect for thick and heavy doors, the chain creates a lot of noise.

Belt-driven – This type operates similarly to the chain drive, with a belt replacing the chain. What you get is a slightly more expensive but smoother and quieter opener.

Screw-driven – In screw-drive systems, a trolley travels along a steel rod that is rotated by a motor. The garage door opening process is the noisiest. However, it is simple to maintain due to the absence of components.

Jackshaft – This type is mounted on your garage wall, freeing your ceiling space. Jackshaft openers are perfect for garages that have low headroom. Furthermore, they also come with security add-ons like smartphone or tablet control.

How long is an opener’s service life?

With proper use and upkeep, a garage door opener can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. However, note that your garage doors are the heaviest mechanisms installed in your home or commercial property. So, you would want to keep the opener and springs in tip-top shape to prevent accidents.

Garage Door Opener Installation Near Me

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