A broken garage door spring can be frustrating for the entire household. It could mean getting stuck outside in the cold or rain or making it hard to go to work. A garage door is essential to a home’s function and can be inconvenient when it does not work. So, how can you handle a broken garage door spring? Will it require a garage door spring replacement? Read on to learn what causes garage door spring breakage and what to do when yours breaks.

What causes the springs to break?

Have you started hearing sounds in your garage door? Or can your door not be lifted using the emergency rope? Then there is a high probability that the spring is broken. In this case, you will need a garage door spring replacement. But what causes a garage door spring to break?  

Normal wear and tear

Many expect garage door springs to last forever, but this is not true. Every machine that has moving parts will experience wear and tear. The singular act of closing and opening the door several times in the day makes it even more susceptible to wear and tear. Even though door springs are built for that purpose, it is a tough process. Some springs last for an extended period, though they will not last forever. 

A regular garage door is rated for around 10,000 cycles in total. So it depends on how often the door is used and not necessarily how old it is. When this number is surpassed, you must replace the springs, as they will start to decline in functionality. In addition, the constant wear and tear of continuously closing and opening a garage door will break it down. That increases the need for garage door spring repair services. 


Generally, garage door springs are built with metal, meaning rust is its enemy. Rust can build up on the springs as time passes. And when this happens, the lifespan of the springs will reduce significantly. As it works, rust reduces surface friction when the springs move from front to back and vice versa. It eventually weakens the coil on the door.

Corrosion impacts the wear and tear process faster than in normal circumstances. However, you can fix the problem by contacting garage door spring repair experts who know the best anti-rust solutions. It could go a long way to prevent rust from taking over the spring. 

Poor maintenance

Most garage doors do not need extensive maintenance. For example, while garage door springs will wear and tear, regular maintenance can reduce the rate of decline. Similarly, maintaining the garage door spring makes it easier to spot potential wear signs before a significant issue can arise.

It is ideal to check your garage door yearly. To do it, lift the door halfway and let it go. If your garage door springs are working correctly, the door will remain still. However, when the springs are weaker than normal, the door may begin to fall or sag. Proper maintenance can also prevent issues like rust. That can preserve garage door springs and make them last longer.

What to do when your garage door spring breaks

If the spring is broken, it is best to leave your garage door closed. However, be careful to open your garage door manually if you really must. Ask another person to help you open the garage door. You can do the job more quickly and safeguard yourself from harm because garage doors can be very heavy.

Next, disconnect the garage door opener from the door. The opener should be attached to a rope with a handle. To disconnect the mechanism, pull on it. Be very cautious when you open the door. Lift it with your fingers in mind, avoid raising it with your back, and avoid dropping it on your feet. Treat it just like you would any other heavy thing. Lift the door slowly until it rests on the horizontal rails.

Refrain from disengaging the garage door opener with the door open. Blocking the door track on both sides is preferable, so the garage door is somewhat stable. Keep it that way until you can have professional repairs and replacements. Unplug the garage door opener from the wall to prevent any accidental use. You can gently try closing the door with the automatic opener. However, ensure nothing is in the way because doing so could overtax the opener and have unintended repercussions.

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