In order to improve the house’s curb appeal, a homeowner in Omaha, NE, decided to change the look of their garage door. They turned to Titan Garage Doors NE for expert and dependable solutions that would satisfy their needs for both appearance and practicality. By adding stylish garage door decorative hardware, we aim to make their home’s exterior look better.

Scope of Garage Door Decorative Hardware Installation

Let us take a quick look at how our team tackled this job:

Initial Planning and Consultation

Before scheduling the installation, we met with the homeowner to inspect the garage door and discuss the possible hardware options.

Product Recommendation and Selection

Titan Garage Doors NE recommended high-quality faux hinges and handles made from durable, high-quality plastic that mimics the look of real hardware. This set of door accessories comes with powerful magnets on the back that make them easy to install. They are tough and would not crack under cold, and no color fading issue due to extreme heat. Because they are resistant to water, these pieces will not rust or corrode. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and finishes to match any home’s architectural style. Overall, the toughness and fancy look made it the perfect choice to meet the specific needs of this Omaha client.

Preparation of Materials and Tools

After making their choice, we gathered all the required materials to install the faux handles and hinges. We also made sure that all the needed tools were complete and within reach.

Cleaning the Garage Door

Before installation, we cleaned the entire garage door inside and out to ensure a smooth surface for attaching the hardware. This step is necessary to improve the overall appearance of the door and ensure that the new hardware stands out.

Installation of Faux Handles and Hinges

• Positioning: We determined the optimal placement for the handles and hinges to ensure a balanced look.

• Marking: Then, with precision, we put markings on the door to indicate where we will install each hardware piece.

• Securing: We fixed each piece of hardware on the garage door with great attention to detail. Using the right tools, we made sure that everything was in the proper alignment and secured.

Final Inspection and Cleanup

We carefully checked the installation to make sure that all the hardware was as secure as it should be. Then, we cleaned up the work area and got rid of any trash or tools. We made sure all the surfaces were dry and free of dirt. We also tested the door to make sure it was opening and closing properly. Finally, we checked the safety mechanisms to ensure the door was working with no issues.

The homeowner inspected the finished work and expressed complete satisfaction with the appearance and quality of the installation.

Project Outcome

In no time, we installed the new set of faux decorative handles and made the garage look much better. The homeowner felt overjoyed with the result and said that they would recommend us to their neighbors. They also gave credit to our team’s meticulous cleaning and professional installation, which contributed to the success of the project.

A Smooth Garage Door Improvement with Long-Term Effects

Titan Garage Doors NE’s commitment is to making garage door improvements that are both visually appealing and functional. This project is a great example of this. The successful installation of garage door hardware in Omaha, NE, has helped us keep our good reputation for reliability and excellence. 

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