A homeowner from Council Bluffs, IA, called Titan Garage Doors NE for a garage door installation. Their old wooden door was 20 years old and starting to rot and bend. Instead of repairing it, they decided to have a modern, energy-efficient aluminum door. We talked them into going with aluminum instead of steel because it was much lighter and required less power for the opener. In addition, we recommended adding glass windows to let in more light. We installed the new garage door a few weeks later, and they were thrilled with how it looked. 

Garage doors are an essential component of any home. They provide security, protect our vehicles from the elements, and serve as a point of entry and exit to our property. If you are considering installing an aluminum garage door, you should understand the benefits and drawbacks of such a choice.

Aluminum Garage Doors: Advantages

There are many benefits to using aluminum for garage doors, the most significant of which is its lighter weight. In addition, it makes installation much more straightforward and extends the lifespan of the garage door opener and rollers by reducing stress on springs and tracks.

Salt and moisture can take their toll on a steel garage door, but an aluminum one will hold up much better. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, while steel must have inclusions that provide this protection. Even though the layer of protection on aluminum will eventually wear out, it will last longer than steel in salt and moisture-rich environments. 

Aluminum is softer than steel, making it easy to emboss and design. In addition, this attribute makes aluminum easier to recycle. So aluminum is an excellent option if you are looking for durable and eco-friendly garage door material.

The Downsides of Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum is less impact-resistant, meaning a solid blow could easily damage the metal. Unfortunately, fixing these kinds of dents without a specialist can be expensive, so your best bet is to just put up with the damage for a while. Also, watch out for strong gusts of wind or large hail, as these can also cause damage to aluminum. Aluminum becomes soft when exposed to heat. Unfortunately, this heat exposure can come from hot summers, which can decrease the metal's durability.

Installing a Garage Door with Windows: Pros and


If you are hesitant to switch to a garage door with windows, consider the benefits it could bring. Aesthetically, garage doors with windows can add a touch of class to your home.  


Utilize Daylight's Benefits

Not having to turn on the light each time you needed to find a tool would be good, wouldn't it? Garage door windows let in light, saving you the trouble of opening your garage door. It keeps the garage door from deteriorating and provides free natural light for your workstation. It is one of the practical ways garage door windows make life easier.


Additional Cost

The cost of a garage door with windows is slightly higher than a door without due to the extra labor required to create the door with glass inserts. Even though the price difference is not significant, it could make a difference if you are on a tight budget.

Glass Can Break

One thing to keep in mind when adding windows is that they can break. Glass is, after all, fragile. So a stray ball could easily smash a window. However, if you are not worried about breakage or confident you can persuade the kids to aim flying objects away from the garage, it should not be too much of a problem.

Is it a Threat to Security?

Although some people may see garage door windows as a security risk, they are pretty secure. It would be tough for someone to fit through the window, even if they broke the glass. Plus, anybody can peek inside your garage whenever it is open, so there would be no point in trying to hide anything important.

Garage Door Repair near Me

Titan Garage Doors NE offers residential garage doors in various styles, both with and without windows. We can help you search for the one that fits your house design. Please speak with our specialists and learn more about the benefits of a garage door with windows, including insulated garage doors. We are the local experts on all things garage doors! Call us today for a free estimate.