This client approached Titan Garage Doors NE after they built their new home in Omaha, NE, for a garage door installation service. This job needed a detailed plan, including a few important steps from the beginning to the end. Our dedicated team made the client’s vision come to life with garage doors from Clopay’s Gallery® Steel line. We worked hard on the job and ensured the client’s needs were met and surpassed.

Pre-Garage Door Installation

Initial Consultation

First, we met with the client to discuss their ideas, needs, and preferences on how their three-car garage door should look and work. Then, our experts gave the client several choices based on their desired style and budget. 

Site Inspection and Precision Measurements

Our experts carefully measured the garage door openings to ensure perfect fit and finish. We also checked around the installation area to see if there were any special needs or obstacles. We paid close attention to the low headroom to make sure there would be no problems during installation.

Design and Product Selection

The client fell in love with the Clopay Gallery® Steel series doors.

Among the features are:

• Robust seven-layer raised panel with insulation to keep the heat in during winter and cool air during summer.

• A smooth ultra-grain oak slate finish and a woodgrain texture give it a modern and classic look.

• Two long, plain windows on each door, plus a reflective film to keep things private.

The Garage Door Installation Process

We set up a timetable for the service that worked for the client. Then, we sent our skilled workers with all the tools and parts. We used special equipment for the low-headroom ceiling installation, ensuring every door was in the right place and working. With our experts, the process caused no damage to the newly constructed property.

Post-Garage Door Installation

Quality Assurance and Functionality Test

Because the ceilings were so low, each door had to undergo a series of tests to ensure it worked well and was safe. We carefully checked all finishes, window placement, and insulation levels to ensure they met the highest standards.

Client Walkthrough and Completion

Before we left, we did a final walkthrough with the client to show them how to use their new garage doors and give them important upkeep advice. We also showed and went over the warranty information. Plus, we cleared up all the client’s queries, ensuring they felt at ease with everything they knew about their new garage setup.

Client’s Response

The client told our team how much they appreciated our excellent service. The modern and classic styles of the garage doors were a great match for their vision. They praised our team’s professionalism, the ease of work, and our dedication to getting the best result that met their needs.

This project shows our commitment to providing the best custom solutions, even with challenging architectural constraints. We are very grateful to this homeowner for entrusting us with this tough job. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

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