A Ralston, NE resident called Titan Garage Doors NE for a garage door installation job. They recently moved into a new home, but had to replace the old garage door, which had seen better days already. They reached out to us since a close relative highly recommended us. We immediately sent our garage door experts to inspect the door and did the prepping procedures. They said they wanted a cost-efficient garage door that would last for years. We suggested and discussed the benefits of having a steel sectional overhead door. They approved and asked us to order them right away. We completed the installation after two weeks of lead time, and the client commended us for a professional and well-done job. 

Choosing the ideal garage door might not be that easy. After all, a garage door can guard some of your most valuable assets, such as your vehicle or expensive sporting goods. That is why having an excellent and secure garage door is equally important. In reality, all you need is a garage door that is practical, simple to use, and always in good shape.

The Benefits of Installing a Sectional Garage Door

Numerous practical benefits come with sectional garage doors, including their perfect fit, ability to free up garage space, high level of security, and the ability to park right in front of (and behind) your garage door. With the help of our garage door installers, let us examine the several advantages of sectional garage doors and why they can be the best choice for your home.

Sectional Garage Doors Save Space

Due to their compact design, sectional garage doors let you maximize the space inside and outside your garage. Sectional garage doors open vertically, taking up little space outside your garage. There are no outswing panels to worry about. The doors are suspended under the ceiling to support additional space, so they never extend past the doorway when they open.

With sectional doors, you may park a car next to the garage door without fear of damage or difficulty opening. They are, therefore, ideal for homeowners with short driveways or those who wish to make the most of every square inch of their garage space. 

Benefit From Increased Security

Criminals can manipulate the pivot points on traditional manual up and over garage doors to open the door and gain entrance to your garage. On the other hand, a sectional garage door is among the most difficult types to break into due to its closed structure and lack of entry points. You want to feel certain that your assets are secure no matter what you store in your garage, whether it is your car, used sporting goods, or garden furniture.

Sectional garage doors provide great protection and peace of mind since they are incredibly strong, secure, and sturdy. To increase security further and guarantee that your garage and home stay safe and secure, they can be installed with extra security features like heavy-duty locks and devices such as a garage door opener.

Easy Access to Your Garage

Driving in and out of your garage is simple because sectional garage doors are easy to operate. Choose an automated sectional garage door for added convenience. Imagine not needing to exit your car to open your garage under the rain. With automated sectional garage doors installed, you can open and close your garage with just a single button press. 

Sectional Doors Are Easy to Install

Lightweight materials are used to construct sectional garage doors that make them simple to install and operate. Indeed, a sectional garage door is one of the most practical solutions because of its simple operation. However, the mechanism for a sectional garage door comprises many different parts. Therefore, you need a reputable garage door company like Titan Garage Doors NE that can complete the installation quickly and effectively, leaving you with a chic new garage door in no time. Furthermore, a skilled professional will safely install your garage door to ensure it works smoothly for many years. Thus, hiring a qualified expert to install your garage door is crucial. 

Whether your garage door needs an upgrade or shows signs of wear, the qualified experts at Titan Garage Doors NE can assist you. As a top supplier of garage doors in the market, we take great pride in providing a broad selection of high-quality ones, such as sectional and insulated garage doors.

From garage door installation to garage door maintenance and repairs, our highly-trained team can handle all your garage door needs. We can also provide spare parts for most brands and models at competitive prices. Visit our website or call us today to learn more about our services.