Titan Garage Doors NE received a call from a homeowner in Ralston, NE, for a garage door repair. Their garage door had become problematic and made unusual sounds whenever they opened or closed it. We knew it was likely due to failing garage door rollers. After the inspection, our technician indeed found heavily rusted garage door rollers and brackets. We initiated changing the steel rollers as they were beyond repair. We also replaced the damaged brackets and hinges to ensure a smooth performance. Finally, we checked that the garage door was working properly by testing it before we left. The client was happy with our work and assured us that they would highly recommend us in the future.

Just like any other garage door part, a garage door roller will eventually need to be replaced. After many years of use, they will likely veer off course if improperly maintained. Identifying the problem's root cause is important to know the best action to fix your garage door roller issue. 

Common Causes of Garage Door Roller Issues

Lack of Lubrication of Garage Door Rollers

Lack of lubrication will result in additional issues with garage door rollers and tracks. Other issues include, but are not limited to, shaky door movement, loud noises, and roller bearing failure. In addition, the roller itself may come off if a roller's internal bearings tear, which will cause the garage door to dislodge.

Garage Door Tracks Have Detached Brackets

The rollers will move away from the intended path if the tracks are not firmly fastened to the wall and when the brackets are loose. To ensure that the tracks are properly anchored, tighten the brackets.

Tracks With Dents or Other Damage

There are a few potential causes for door track issues, including improper installation, wear and tear from heavy use, and incorrect garage door installation. In addition, the rollers may become misaligned due to bent or broken tracks. If you see any damage, gently straighten the tracks with a hammer or track tool. You can fix small and minor dents, but a professional replacement is advised when the tracks have endured severe damage. 

Dirty Garage Door Tracks

The rollers will not move properly if the tracks have too much grease. As a result, the garage door rollers will slide rather than roll if there is too much grease buildup. Therefore, you should remove all excess grease from the tracks. Failure to regularly clean the track can also attract dirt and lead to rust buildup.

Garage Door Tracks Are Out of Alignment

When a car or other large object strikes the garage door, the tracks get out of alignment. You may hear rubbing noises from misaligned tracks and see a gap between the rails and the garage door rollers.

The first step in correcting an alignment issue is to confirm that the problem is with the tracks and not the garage door itself. To do this, you must remove the garage door and inspect the tracks and garage door rollers. Sometimes a small piece of debris can get lodged between the rails and cause rubbing.

If your garage door is making noises and you are unsure if the rollers are at fault, Titan Garage Doors NE is ready to help! You can rely on us to handle all types of garage door repairs. We are a local garage door company that offers cost-effective solutions for any garage door issue you may have. We identify the best solution for your garage door issues, including rust buildup, dents, and even malfunctioning garage door openers. Among our garage door services is part replacements. So do not delay any further! Call us today and ask for free estimates.