Recent work by Titan Garage Doors NE replacing the garage door spring in Beatrice, NE, showed how skilled and dedicated we are to providing excellent service. The main problem was a broken torsion spring, which is a crucial part of a garage door. We replaced both torsion springs to get the best balance and performance. We also lubricated all the rollers to ensure the door’s smooth operation.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Project Details

Here is a more in-depth look at the job and how well our Titan Garage Doors NE experts did it:

Initial Evaluation

First, the team took their time to check out the garage door system carefully. We checked the broken torsion spring and looked at the other spring to see its condition. For even performance and to avoid future problems, we recommended replacing both springs. 

Safety First

Safety should always come first during garage door repairs, especially when working with high-tension parts like torsion springs. So, the team ensured the door was tight and fully closed. To prevent accidental movement during the repair, we disconnected the door from the opener.

Removal of the Broken Springs

Next, we gently removed both the broken and intact second torsion spring. To do this process without a hitch, you need to be very cautious and have a lot of experience.

Installation of New Torsion Springs

After that, we installed new, high-quality torsion springs designed to meet the required weight and size of the garage door. By replacing both springs, we extended their lifespan and ensured a balanced performance. 

Lubrication of Door Rollers

We lubricated all the door rollers so the garage door would open and close with ease. This step reduces friction, which means less damage and could result in quieter, more efficient door movement.

Final Tests and Adjustments

After installing the new torsion springs and lubricating the rollers, we then tested the garage door. This final step was crucial to make sure the garage door worked with no issues. We also made a few more changes to make sure the balance and function were perfect.

Client Satisfaction

Before leaving, the team gave the client complete details of the repair work. On top of that, we taught them with care instructions on how to keep their garage door in great shape. The speed and professionalism of the service impressed the homeowners and made them satisfied.

Expert Garage Door Service and Reliable Solutions

This garage door spring replacement job was a huge success. By replacing the broken torsion springs and lubricating the door rollers, Titan Garage Doors NE got the garage door running perfectly again. The repair service was quick and efficient, and the client was grateful for how well and safely the garage door worked.

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