In Elkhorn, NE, Titan Garage Doors NE recently finished a garage door spring replacement project. It involved fixing a snapped EZ Set torsion spring on the left side, including the spring winder. Our skilled technicians efficiently replaced the damaged spring. After that, we ensure the safe and proper functioning of the garage door.

How Was the Ez Set Spring Replaced?

At the start of the project, our experts at Titan Garage Doors NE checked the broken EZ Set torsion spring and its parts. Then, we carefully took out the broken spring from the torsion shaft. Next, we chose the spring that would work with the door system. Finally, we installed a new, high-quality EZ set spring.

After the successful installation of the new spring, the technicians proceeded with the lubrication. Using the right lubricant, we made sure the door stayed smooth on its tracks. We also lubed the various moving parts of the garage door to lessen the friction. That keeps the system from wearing out too quickly. This important step makes sure everything works smoothly and leads to a longer lifespan and better performance.

Safety, accuracy, and customer satisfaction were Titan Garage Doors NE’s top priorities throughout the job. Technicians worked diligently to make sure the garage door worked properly and with no problems. With the snapped EZ Set torsion spring and the spring winder replaced, the client can now enjoy the ease and safety of a working garage door.

What Is Ez Set Torsion Spring?

One particular type of torsion spring system that is often used in garage doors is the EZ Set system. Compared to standard torsion spring systems, this spring system makes the process of installing and adjusting it easier.

Unlike traditional torsion springs that require manual winding and tensioning, the EZ Set torsion spring system uses a unique mechanism. It features a pre-wound spring contained within a metal tube, which is then installed onto the torsion shaft. This pre-wound spring eliminates the need for manual winding and makes the installation process more convenient.

The EZ Set torsion spring system has many advantages. It has easier installation and lower injury risk when winding. It also makes spring tension adjustments easier. This torsion spring system is convenient and easy to use, too. These features make it a popular choice for both homeowners and garage door professionals. However, trained professionals should still do the setup and make a few adjustments. That is, to ensure the safety and top performance of your garage door.

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