A manufacturing facility in Omaha, NE, contacted us for a garage door repair. They had never replaced the industrial torsion springs in their garage door warehouse until one had completely broken. Before the incident, the supervisor could tell the springs were long overdue just by hearing the loud squeaking noise they produced. When our technicians arrived, they were no longer surprised to find heavily rusted and corroded springs. They knew they needed to replace the springs, so our technicians came equipped with industrial garage door springs with longer cycle life. However, after checking the other door, we highly suggested including it in the garage door spring replacement. Even though it was not broken or damaged, years of wear had started to loosen its strength and elasticity. The new industrial-grade torsion springs gave the client and their workers peace of mind, knowing their doors were no longer safety hazards.

Garage door springs break unexpectedly, and business owners are often caught off-guard. Luckily, at Titan Garage Doors NE, we understand that having a commercial garage door not working is more than an inconvenience — it can be costly. A broken industrial garage door could mean safety hazards, spoiled goods, and security risks, so it only makes sense to call for professional help. We can identify weak or broken springs and other signs of an aging system that require attention to prevent costly repair bills. We know when to replace a failing component and which service method will provide the best results for any garage door situation.

Overview of Industrial and Commercial Torsion Springs

A wide range of torsion springs is used in various commercial and industrial settings, such as warehouses and loading docks, where large overhead doors are needed. Industrial and commercial doors come in a wide range, so the torsion springs used on them vary greatly in size and power. In addition, the springs come in various sizes and lift capacities to accommodate different door weights and sizes.

Lift Types


Leveraging space is one of the many advantages of high-lift garage doors. Increasing the tracking length lets you move the track closer to the ceiling. Thus, giving you more room between the top and bottom of your door. That makes a high-lift door excellent for commercial and industrial facilities with low ceilings. Also, high-lift garage doors’ ability to open vertically means they do not take up too much vertical room. 


Vertical-lift doors are ideal for high-volume warehouses and factories where deliveries and traffic are crucial. Moreover, forklifts can transport large quantities more quickly with vertical-lift doors than traditional rolling garage doors.

Industrial and commercial torsion springs require a single spring anchor bracket. However, the installation of multiple brackets is common in vertical-lift doors because the tension created by the springs and the manipulation of adjustment hardware can cause great stress on the track mount or wall.

Multiple brackets are necessary when using multiple springs on a split shaft because, usually, only one spring fits on one half of the shaft. In addition, wider doors usually employ numerous springs in a linear system, requiring additional spring anchor brackets on the exterior springs.

Do you have to replace all of your torsion springs?

The number of cycles a spring can tolerate depends on the type of application and how it is used. The life of your industrial torsion springs is determined by how you use them. Since springs are relatively expensive, many clients opt to replace just one at a time rather than purchasing several replacements upfront. However, we typically suggest replacing all springs simultaneously to avoid damage to the door or other moving parts. Doing so extends the life of your door while keeping operating costs lower. Therefore, finding out which spring needs replacement is important to prevent further damage to your system. 

Did your industrial torsion springs break or start to get louder by the day? Titan Garage Doors NE is the perfect choice for anyone needing professional garage door service. Our experienced technicians are here to help with any repair or replacement needs you may have, and we offer a full range of services to fit your needs and budget. From industrial torsion spring replacement to commercial garage door repair, we commit to providing the best possible customer experience. 

We know servicing commercial garage doors is often more complex than residential ones because of the additional size, weight, and use. So if you work in a warehouse facility and it is time for a garage door spring replacement, you know who to call. Please do not wait for your garage doors to get broken; call us today and extend the life of your door!