A worried Council Bluffs, IA homeowner called Titan Garage Doors NE because their garage door cable had broken. When our technicians arrived, we checked the garage door to see what went wrong. We saw the cable had broken after years of usage and normal wear and tear. Because the team had dealt with this common issue, we knew what kind and size of cable their garage door needed. After paying close attention to every detail, we started the garage door cable replacement.

Since the cables came in pairs, we replaced both with heavy-duty 304 galvanized steel to ensure quality and safety. We threaded one cable end through the hole in the door pull. To achieve even load distribution, we used clamps to secure the cable. We ran the wire along the door tracks and through the rollers. Then, we adjusted the cable tension by winding it around the spool. We checked the cable tension after fastening the cable end to the opposite pull. Last, we opened and closed the door several times, and it worked seamlessly. When the job was over, not only did we fix the garage door cable, but we also restored the client's confidence.

What You Need to Know About the Garage Door Cable

Your garage door is more intricate than you might think. At the heart of its smooth operation is a component many overlook: the garage door cable. This unsung hero ensures your door opens and closes safely every single time. Therefore, it pays to look into these steel cables and uncover what you need to know. Ready to unravel the mystery?

How Important Garage Door Cables Are

The cable is the key to the safe and smooth running of the garage door system. In a sense, these cables hold the door up and down while it moves. The massive weight of the door would be difficult to manage without them; it would either slam when closed or shoot up when opened. The wire and springs work together to keep the weight even and make the glide smoother. When the cable breaks or loses tension, the garage door can not work and could be dangerous.

When Do You Need a Garage Door Cable Replacement

Like everything else, garage door cables wear out in the long run. Because they are always moving and rubbing against other parts, they can wear out or break at some point. Some telltale signs that you might need to change your cable are:

     • The door does not open or close easily.

     • The cables look frayed or worn out.

     • If the garage door looks tilted or out of balance.

     • The door is not opening all the way.

These breakdowns are common to many Council Bluffs garage door owners. Often, the culprit behind these is the cable that has lost its tension and become brittle upon daily use. When you notice these signs, you should contact experts like Titan Garage Doors NE to check out the issue and make repairs if necessary.

Has a broken cable halted the smooth operation of your garage door? Such a hiccup can disrupt your daily routine, but there is a straightforward solution. Changing garage door cables is often the key to restoring functionality, and at Titan Garage Doors NE, we are experts in garage door cable replacement. So do not let a snapped or frayed cable keep you from the ease of a working garage door. Let our team get things rolling again. Reach out to us for licensed garage door service, and put those broken cable worries behind you!