After months of putting it off, this Bellevue, NE, family finally decided to get their garage door replaced. They feared the process since they thought finding someone trustworthy who would not overcharge would be impossible. But then, a friend referred them to us at Titan Garage Doors NE, and they knew they had found the one perfect for the job. The garage door installation cost was reasonable, plus we offered service warranties. A few weeks later, their new and improved two-car garage door from Clopay was ready to go. It was made of steel and insulated so it could withstand the elements. Now they have a durable and stylish garage door that will last them years. But what they loved the most was receiving top-notch service from start to finish. They were thrilled to have our team of experts who arrived on time and did the job quickly, leaving no mess behind. In no time, we had fitted a perfect garage door, all at an unbeatable cost! Smooth installation and top-notch quality — what could have been better?

Are you considering a new garage door? Have you ever considered what material your garage door will be made of? We often overlook it, but the choice of garage door material can significantly impact its durability and appearance. Today, let us explore why steel may be the perfect choice for your next garage door.

Why You Should Choose Steel on Your New Garage Door

Listed are numerous benefits of using steel when selecting a new garage door.

Strength and Durability

Discover the unrivaled strength of steel—the champion material for garage doors that stands firm in the face of whipping winds and turbulent weather. Choose a steel door for your garage and rest easy knowing you have chosen the ultimate protection against the elements.

Style and Versatility

With a steel garage door, you can unlock the potential of your home. These doors come in many different designs, colors, and styles. From classic and majestic to sleek and modern, you will find the perfect choice to complement your home exterior. Whether you opt for square or door-width panels, with windows or without, your steel garage door will be stylish and versatile. So step outside the ordinary and make a statement with a stunning steel garage door.


Steel garage doors can keep your home cozy and your belongings safe. They come with extra insulation to prevent heat escaping, so you will not have to pay as much for heating and cooling. Plus, your stuff stored in the garage will be better protected. Find out how this strong, insulated garage door can offer your family peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Steel is an obvious choice for garage door replacement. Invest in quality steel to enjoy its innumerable benefits—a robust material that resists rust and offers lasting durability. When you opt for the convenience of steel, you can rest assured that the continuing upkeep will be an absolute breeze. It requires just the right touch of care to remain reliable over long durations. So why settle for anything less? With proper care, you can enjoy its grandeur for years to come.  

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