A client in Gretna, NE, wanted a new garage door because the vinyl door they had for years made their detached garage look unsightly. Moreover, it was no longer closing properly and was making an annoying sound whenever they operated it. They found Titan Garage Doors NE online and contacted us for a garage door installation estimate. We had an ocular inspection and met with the client to discuss their options based on their needs. We gave them a written proposal to review, and they called us back to proceed with the garage door installation. After two weeks, we returned to install their new steel sectional garage door. The whole process was over within three hours, and the new garage door was everything the client wanted.

When your garage door breaks, do you have it fixed or replaced? The best decision depends on different factors, including the age of your door, the type of garage door, and any existing problems. Go through this helpful article before deciding if a garage door replacement or a repair is what you need.

When to Repair or Replace A Garage Door

You see signs of an aging door.

Your garage door can improve your home's market value, boost curb appeal, and complement the rest of your home's architecture. Yet, when the result of long and hard use starts to show, it takes away those benefits. An example of when you should choose repair is when only a single panel has issues. Problems with multiple panels warrant a replacement.

Warping and cracking in wood models are good reasons for replacing the door. The age of your garage door is also a deciding factor in whether to repair or replace it. For example, a door that is five years old can be repaired, whereas one that is over 15 years old is better replaced.

Your garage door suffered a lot of damage.

Damages on garage doors happen due to a specific incident. Minor damages from a light impact could be repairable and only require filler and paint. However, more severe damage, such as that caused by a car backing into the garage or a big storm, will likely extend beyond a small dent. In this case, you must examine the damage further to determine whether you need a garage door replacement or repair. 

While you may be able to repair damaged panels, the door's mechanisms may have become compromised from the impact. You can consult our Titan Garage Doors NE team to determine if structural damages are at play.

Garage Door Replacement Cost vs. Repair Cost

Among the things to consider before repairing or replacing garage doors is budget. According to Home Adviser's True Cost Guide, the average garage door repair cost is $252, but the price can range from $150 - $375, depending on the nature of the repair. Meanwhile, the new garage door cost mostly exceeds the repair cost, averaging $1,188 nationally. However, prices may change depending on your location and factors like size, material, and style. In addition, homeowners' or car insurance may cover a certain amount of the replacement cost, depending on the nature of the damages and how they occurred.

Has your garage door seen better days? Whether you need garage door repair services or want to replace your garage door, you have come to the right place. Titan Garage Doors NE provides top-quality garage door installation services in Omaha, NE, and the surrounding areas for years. We offer quality garage doors at affordable prices—with the best brands and styles options. So you will surely find a garage door that suits any style and is within budget. For more information, call us today and get a free service quote.