A client in Eagle, NE, called Titan Garage Doors NE for assistance. They recently noticed some issues with their garage door, including a loud screeching sound whenever they opened or closed it. The door also seemed to be moving more slowly than usual, and they worried about its safety. Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule, the customer had not been able to perform any maintenance on the door themselves. An expert from our team visited the client's address to assess the issue and discovered that the door tracks had accumulated corrosion and rust, which had caused the rollers to become stuck, travel more slowly, and make grinding noises. The owner immediately agreed when our technician advised that the garage door required some maintenance. Our experts checked and lubricated all the moving parts on the garage door, including the cables, tracks, rollers, springs, and opener. We completed the work within a few hours, and the garage door is smoothly operating again after a few tests. The customer was so pleased with the results that they signed up for routine garage door maintenance.

Your garage door is one of the most used parts of your home. You open and close it multiple times a day without thinking about it. But when it stops working properly, you suddenly realize how important it is! Regular maintenance, such as a yearly tune-up, can help avoid more expensive issues. Older garage doors, in particular, need adjustments or inspections more frequently. 

What Is Involved in a Garage Door Tune-Up?

A part of a garage door tune-up is a quick visual assessment of your door system's functional components. It includes checking the outside of the door for any joints or gaps that could allow water damage and any areas that might need immediate repair. The technician will also alert you to any problems, such as rust stains or flaking paint, and recommend ways to prevent these from spreading: such as scraping, sanding, painting, or cleaning.

After completing an external check of the door, the technician inspects the mechanisms that control its opening and closing. Next, they replace cracked or damaged components, and oil the door springs and rollers to make movement easier. Choosing the right lubricant for each job is important based on how it will affect different roller materials. Next, the bearings and bolts on roller hinges are checked and cleaned, and the rails' straightness is confirmed with a level. If they are straight, the garage door professional will adjust them according to the manufacturer's directions. Lastly, a diagnostic process for the garage door opener, safety settings, and counterbalance system is carried out.

How to Tell If Your Garage Door Needs a Tune-Up

Unusual Noises

If you hear strange scraping, screeching, or grinding noises from your garage door, it is a good sign that it needs some maintenance. These noises usually mean broken rollers, loose hardware, or a lack of lubrication. By quickly identifying the problem and fixing it, you can keep your garage door running smoothly.

Roller Damage

If your garage door is not opening or closing properly, it could be because the rollers are damaged. First, look for any signs of wear and tear, such as chipping, cracking, or worn-out rollers. If the rollers are broken, you must fix them immediately to ensure the door can open and close smoothly.

Bent Tracks

The tracks that your garage door runs on can become bent over time. The tracks must be straight for the door to close properly. If the tracks are twisted, the door may not open or close correctly. Water and other environmental variables can damage the rails. Additionally, excessive use may cause tracks to deform. If you detect this, it would be best to fix the issue to prevent further risks.

Unusual Behavior

If your garage door is starting to give you trouble, it is time to set up a maintenance appointment. The technician will look at the entire system, figure out the problem, and then fix or replace any broken components. 

Final Thoughts

A well-maintained garage door can help avoid more serious issues in the future. A specialist can comprehensively inspect your garage door's entire system during a tune-up. The expert will perform the necessary repairs if any issues are discovered.

It is advisable to have your garage door checked by a professional garage door company at least once a year. However, if you notice any signs of damage, such as loud noises, twisted tracks, or roller damage, it may indicate that you need a garage door tune-up immediately. By getting your garage door checked now, you can avoid paying for costly repairs or replacements down the road, and it can help save you money in the long run.

Titan Garage Doors NE provides a cost-effective option for residents and business owners in the Omaha, NE, area to have a garage door tune-up. Your garage door will operate without a hitch all year long after being inspected by our knowledgeable professionals, who will also address any issues. To book a garage door tune-up, call us today at (402) 513-0255.