This client in Omaha, NE, called Titan Garage Doors NE, to book a same-day garage door maintenance service. They complained that their overhead door took longer to open or close. It also made odd noises and looked uneven when in a closed position. Our inspection revealed that the garage door was off balance due to misaligned tracks. We also saw that the tracks on both sides were severely bent and needed fixing and some straightening. On top of that, we found rust had formed on the tracks and other issues like dirt buildup on the panels.

Our experts got to work to get the door back to how it should be. The team started by fixing the issue with the vertical tracks. We used tools to get the tracks as close to perfectly straight as possible. Upon fixing the rail issue, we tightened the bolts to secure them. We opened and shut the door to test the balance to see if the noise had been addressed. The door worked without a hitch. Upon seeing the results, the client thanked the team and praised our skill and promptness.

This Omaha homeowner’s story brings to light a problem many people have but do not think to fix: bent garage door tracks. Let us get down to the details of how garage door tracks can mess up your day and what you can do to fix it.

The Common Causes of Bent Garage Door Tracks

Garage doors slide up and down because of a set of tracks that guide their movement. When these tracks are bent, the door’s operation can halt or, as our client discovered, become noisy and uneven. So, what causes these bends?

Physical Impact: Sometimes, the cause of a bent track is as straightforward as a vehicle collision. Accidentally, bumping your car into the tracks can bend them out of shape.

Poor Maintenance: Rust, dirt buildup, and lack of lubrication can lead to increased resistance in the door’s movement, forcing the tracks to bend.

Wear and Tear: Normal wear and tear can happen to the tracks if you use your garage door often. If you do not take care of the tracks properly, the weight and motion can bend them after some time.

Restore Your Garage Door to Perfection

1. Regular Inspection: Always look for signs of wear or damage. Listen for odd noises and observe if the door moves unevenly. Early detection can prevent more severe issues down the line.

2. DIY Fixes: For minor bends, you can use basic tools like pliers, much like how our Titan expert did for this recent job, to straighten the tracks. Ensure that after straightening, you tighten any loose bolts.

3. Professional Help: If the damage seems extensive or you are unsure about the DIY route, it is best to call in the experts. They have the tools and expertise to diagnose and fix the problem efficiently.

Garage Door Maintenance: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Regular maintenance, like cleaning and lubricating the tracks, inspecting for wear and tear, and being mindful while parking, can prevent garage door issues. However, it is best to call in the pros if you face a garage-door-gone-rogue situation. After all, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, a fully functional garage door is a convenience we can all appreciate.

Is your garage door groaning, or have you noticed an off-track movement lately? Do not wait for minor issues to turn into major problems. With Titan Garage Doors NE, you can ensure your garage door track stays in perfect shape. Whether routine maintenance or an overhead garage door repair, we have got you covered. Contact us today for hassle-free, smooth-operating garage doors in Omaha. After all, peace of mind starts with a well-maintained garage door.