After almost ten years of using the same outdated opener, this Ashland, NE, homeowner knew it was time for an upgrade. So, when they saw the amazing offer on a Craftsman chain drive garage door opener, it was too good for them to pass up. However, unsure of how to install it, they reached out to provide them with garage door opener installation services. Before we began any work, we removed the existing opener and replaced it with new brackets. We then carefully adjusted the chain assembly of the rail to minimize noise levels. After finishing all tasks, we ran tests to ensure its safe and efficient functioning. The owners thanked us for our work and were extremely pleased with their new garage door setup.

Most of us now rely on the convenience of a single button to open our doors, including those leading into our garages. We use these doorways thousands of times yearly and assume they do their job without trouble. Yet, we often forget to maintain them properly.

It is never too soon to start considering replacing your garage door opener. We recommend regular hardware inspections to detect any signs of damage or aging that could pose a safety risk. Taking these steps now means you can upgrade to a newer model while the chance still exists, so it is best not to delay.

Common Problems With Garage Door Openers

Mechanical Failures

Are you experiencing any weird noises or malfunctions with the components of the opener? These issues could indicate that it is time to get a replacement. On the other hand, pinpointing what is causing these problems with the mechanism might mean you need a new one.


Garage door openers with outdated armatures or bent shafts can cause the housing to shake when in use. Rattling may mean the opener is coming loose from its mounting. That can cause serious damage as the unit could fall onto the floor or your car. Therefore, watch out for vibrations that suggest an armature or shaft is loose or bent.

Reversing After Opening

Does your garage door reverse immediately after opening? It could be a problem with the sensors situated at the bottom of the frame. The position of the sensors is crucial for them to detect movement accurately. Even a small difference in its location can affect whether it will sense any action or not. That emphasizes the importance of ensuring the sensors are aligned to register all movement accurately. 

Unreliable or Intermittent Opening

No response to the buttons on the wall-mounted or remote control of your garage door can mean one of a few things. First, check whether your remote has working batteries with sufficient power left in them. Other than that, the problem may lie in faulty wiring or an illogical logic board.

The Benefits of Upgrading to a New Unit

Investing in a new garage door opener can bring many benefits. And when home improvement stores or online sales occur, that is an ideal time to make the purchase. However, when you are considering a basic opener, make sure to look for these essential features that will make your life simpler:

Rolling Code Technology

Having an extra layer of protection for your garage door opener is essential. This is where rolling code technology comes in. Unlike using one single code that remains constant, this method uses different codes with each remote access request, making it nearly impossible for anyone with bad intentions to gain entry. Even radio frequency identification devices used to exploit older models are rendered useless. Thus, you get an unbeatable level of security with a rolling code system on your garage door.

Outside Keypad

Having a keypad on the exterior of your garage door can make access simpler and faster. You will not need to worry about an extra set of keys or any potential lockout situations; you can unlock the door with just a series of numbers. Simply enter the code, and it will open without any further effort.

At Titan Garage Doors NE, we pride ourselves on having the most modern openers with unbeatable warranties. We understand that everyone's budget and needs are different. So we will always work with you to ensure you find the best deal for your new opener. Get started today by talking to one of our experienced technicians. We will answer all your questions and provide free estimates!