A homeowner from York, NE, called Titan Garage Doors NE for a garage door opener installation because they were looking to replace their chain-drive garage door opener. The loud screeching noise of their old unit had become too much for them. After choosing from our range of reliable brands, they settled on installing a new belt-drive garage door opener that was designed to last and be as quiet as possible. The homeowner was happy that they could now enter their garage with much less noise whenever they wanted.

If the sound of your garage door opener drives you crazy, you are not alone. Many complain about the din coming from their garage doors at odd hours of the day and night. Unfortunately, unless your house was built with insulated walls and doors in mind (which appears to be quite rare), there are no quick DIY solutions that will reduce this noise by more than just a few decibels.  

What Makes a Garage Door Opener Noisy

Broken/worn gear

If your garage door opener is making a loud grinding noise, chances are the gear assembly is broken and will need to be replaced. However, you can try temporarily alleviating the pressure on the belt or chain, which may help reduce the noise and give you more time before the gear completely breaks.

Incorrect installation

Improper installation is one of the main reasons garage door openers are noisy. In addition, the opener will cause vibrations that can be pretty loud if it is not fixed firmly to the ceiling. A punch angle gauge can aid in minimizing motor vibrations while adding rubber discs that serve as shock absorbers can help lessen vibrations and noise.

Insufficient lubrication

The noise your garage door opener makes can be caused by several things, such as a loose brace, lack of lubricant, or grounded gear. However, applying lubricant and tightening the bolts should often make a difference. Using white grease or other lubricants also helps in reducing the noise in chain-drive openers.

Loose bolts and nuts

Bolts tend to become loose with time. In addition, the garage door opener picks up the motor’s vibrations, which further intensifies the noise. Tighten any loose bolts and nuts to reduce noise, but be careful not to overtighten them.

Dry and loose chain

The chains scrape and stretch the drive track, creating noise. Adjust the chain to remove part of the slack, or remove a link if your owner’s handbook specifies it. Lubricating it with white grease or another lubricant will lessen the noise generated by the chain. Some garage door openers may use a nylon screw instead of a chain as the driving mechanism. Remember, to make the screw operation quieter, lubricate it.

Garage Door Opener Still Noisy?

You tightened all screws and greased all moving parts, but the garage door opener is still excessively noisy. Do not give up; a garage door technician can still be able to help even if a new garage door opener is not required. It can be challenging to adjust springs, rails, bearing plates, and other components without the proper equipment and knowledge. However, a professional garage door technician can accomplish this without having to replace the garage door opener or the door itself.

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