Our new client was planning to sell their vacation house in Lincoln, NE, so they took the chance to replace their overhead garage door opener. Since their opener was outdated and unreliable, they opted for a new model to improve their property's market value. Knowing that most potential homebuyers would be interested in smart home technology, we recommended this LiftMaster chain drive garage opener with wireless capabilities. The client loved the features and cost of this model, so they booked us for garage door opener installation the following week. With a new garage door opener, they knew they would get a good return on their investment once they sold it.

As more people explore ways to automate and monitor their houses, smart home technology has become more prevalent in recent years. One popular type of smart home device is the smart garage door opener. These Wi-Fi-enabled devices allow users to remotely control and monitor their garage doors, receiving notifications when they open or close. However, you do not have to be a fan of home automation for a smart garage door opener to be useful. Read on to learn more about the perks and benefits of these devices.

Why should you get a smart garage door opener controller?

If you always worry about accidentally leaving your garage door open, a smart garage door opener controller can provide real peace of mind. In addition, this modest luxury can save you the headache of double-checking whether or not you closed your door. 

Garage door controller systems that can give you a heads-up through notifications when your door is accidentally left open. You can close it from anywhere in the house — even from the comfort of your couch. Depending on the model, smart garage door openers have geolocation features that automatically close the door when you leave the house, with a safety beep to warn anyone nearby.

Can I make my existing garage door opener smart?

Yes, you can purchase a smart garage door opener controller. This small, handy device attaches to your garage door opener and lets you check on or control your garage door with an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This affordable option, costing between $30 to $180, can enhance your home security system at a fraction of the cost of a new smart opener.

Tips Before Buying a Smart Garage Door Opener Controller

Check for compatibility

Smart controllers are not always compatible with every type of door opener, so check their compatibility before making a purchase. You may also need an add-on adapter to ensure the two work together.


Installing a garage door opener controller is a job many people can do with basic knowledge and the right tools. However, it does involve using a ladder, and some wiring may also be necessary. Thus, it is better to hire a professional garage door technician to do the installation.

Consider all-in-one options

There are many pros to having a garage door opener with smart features. You can benefit from all the features of owning a smart garage door opener without needing a separate controller.

Do you have any plans to sell your house in the future? Then, add value to your home by adding a smart garage door opener. At Titan Garage Doors NE, we offer various smart garage door openers from the most trusted brands so you can find the best one for your home. Plus, our smart openers provide exceptional security and energy efficiency at competitive prices. 

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