One of our clients in Carter Lake, IA, called us at Titan Garage Doors NE when the garage door got stuck and would not easily shut one morning. They reported seeing one of their tracks was off. They decided to go with professional garage door track repair, fearing that attempting it themselves might aggravate the issue. When our technicians arrived, it was clear that one of the garage door tracks was off — causing the rollers to ride up and stick. That created a loud noise and other issues when opening or closing the garage door. The simple fix involved hammering the track back to shape and tightening a few screws on the rails. The rollers now glide smoothly and without a trace of malfunction.

Garage door tracks are a critical component of the operation of your garage door. Garage door tracks ensure a smooth, safe and reliable operation of your garage door. A bent or misaligned track can cause significant stress on your garage door, making it difficult to operate and potentially causing damage to your garage door hardware and components. A bent garage door track will also cause the door to become misaligned.

At Titan Garage Doors NE, we have been dealing with garage door track issues for over ten years. We know that bent garage doors affect the entire garage door system. They give you a lot of trouble and can seriously damage your home and vehicle. Our technicians are fully trained and licensed to repair garage door tracks. So you have the best team on your side to fix your broken garage door tracks.

What causes garage door tracks to bend?

A bent garage door track can be caused by several obvious reasons, including wear and tear, improper installation, slam-banging of the garage door, or even a car accident. When your garage door is banged and slammed daily, it is no surprise that the tracks will wear out and break. That is especially true when they must support hundreds of pounds at a time. 

The buildup of grit inside the mechanism is another common reason for bent tracks. For example, we recently had a case with garage door tracks with a lot of dirt and grit, which added tension to the parts that moved up and down. So when the homeowner tried to open the garage door, the tracks looked bent. Keeping your garage door tracks serviced regularly or occasionally cleaning the area under where your garage door is kept will mitigate this kind of complication.

How can you fix a bent garage door track?

Stop using the garage door immediately to fix a bent garage door track and examine the mechanism. Next, loosen the bolts that might be too tight. A track that is bolted in so tightly will prevent you from making the necessary repairs or replacements. Keep the bolts intact, though. It may be much more difficult than you imagine to put them back. Bolts can be tapped back into a vertical position once loosened.

To make the track straight, use a pair of pliers. Remember to move slowly and carefully to avoid accidentally breaking it. Alternatively, you can use a claw hammer to bend the track back into position. Retighten the bolts after this step. If you cannot straighten your bent garage door track using these techniques, you may have to replace the track mechanism. Yet the best option is to have a garage door expert fix it for you.

When it comes to your safety, you do not want to risk it. That is why you should only trust one company to do the job right! At Titan Garage Doors NE, we are garage door repair experts serving Council Bluffs, IA, and the surrounding areas. Our professional technicians are ready to help with any issue with your garage door. We are fully trained to work on residential and commercial garage door systems and everything in between — from fixing broken springs and cables to replacing garage door tracks. We also specialize in garage door maintenance with routine inspections, safety checks for garage door parts, spring replacements, and more! And best of all, we offer the best price around. So call us at (402) 513-0255 for more details, or fill out this form, and we will respond to your queries as soon as possible.