Recently, Titan Garage Doors NE did a garage door repair job involving a spring replacement in Carter Lake, IA. We had to replace two torsion springs on a residential garage door because the springs had already taken their toll. With all the uneven gaps and rust all over, there was no doubt in the client’s mind that the springs were almost in their last days. So they asked us to replace the springs right away instead of waiting for them to break. Taking this preemptive step not only avoided any problems but also eliminated any safety risks that could arise from a sudden spring failure.

Scope of the Garage Door Repair

See how our repair team handled the garage door spring replacement job:

When we arrived, our expert technicians performed a thorough check-up. With this inspection, we verified the state of the current springs and identified the precise requirement for replacements. Our expert technicians examined the springs with great caution. We made sure they matched the precise tension needed for both safety and optimum performance.

Steps Taken:

1. Safety in Place: To safely remove the tension from the old springs, the first step was to lock the garage door in place. That kept the spring’s tension from getting released by accident during the process.

2. Removal of Old Springs: With safety measures in place, we carefully dismantled and removed the old torsion springs. This step was important because the springs stored a lot of energy. 

3. Installation of New Springs: After removing the old ones, we installed the brand-new, high-quality torsion springs. We chose these springs because they would work well with the door’s weight and size.

4. Tension Adjustments: After the new spring installation, we adjusted to the right tension for the garage door’s smooth operation and even lifting.

5. Final Testing and Calibration: In the last step, our team tested the garage door to make sure it opened and closed without a hitch. In addition to inspecting the door’s balance and alignment, our technicians checked all security measures.


With the torsion springs replaced, we improved the safety and functionality of the garage door. It gave the homeowner peace of mind knowing their garage door system was back in running condition and was safe due to our quick and professional service.

Proactive Solutions for Longevity and Safety

This job shows Titan Garage Doors NE’s dedication to safety and customer satisfaction. We help keep garage doors in Carter Lake, IA, safe and reliable by fixing problems before they arise. Due to our team’s experience finding and fixing these kinds of issues, we can guarantee that our clients will get long-lasting fixes for their garage door troubles.

Replace the Springs Before They Break

Have you ever been in a hurry, only to hear the alarming snap of a torsion spring breaking on your garage door in Carter Lake, IA? It is a sudden and unwelcome disruption that can throw off your entire day. To avoid this, consider replacing the springs before they break. Regular checks during garage door repair and maintenance can spot old or worn torsion springs that need replacing. This preventive step keeps your garage door running smoothly and safely, sparing you from unexpected breakdowns and the extra costs of emergency repairs. So stay ahead of garage door issues by keeping an eye on the condition of your springs.

If you notice it is time for a garage door torsion spring replacement, do not wait until it is too late! Titan Garage Doors NE is here to help with all your garage door needs. We are experts in not just replacing springs but also in full garage door installation and maintenance to keep everything running like clockwork. With Titan Garage Doors, you are choosing reliability and peace of mind. Call us today, and let us ensure your garage door is safe and function well.