Our team at Titan Garage Doors NE tackled a significant garage door repair project in Council Bluffs, IA. The main problem was a prematurely broken garage door torsion spring, which is essential for smooth operation. The breakage happened as a result of a lack of attention to routine maintenance.

Project Overview


To get the garage door working properly again, replacing the broken torsion spring was the main goal of this job. Additionally, we aimed to make the system last longer and work better. We did this by tackling some maintenance problems. We also added measures to prevent future issues.


Once we found the problem, our skilled technicians started a very careful process to fix it, following these steps:

Complete Evaluation

First, we examined the garage door system from top to bottom to find out how bad the damage was and what caused it. This evaluation showed that the torsion spring broke too soon because it was not getting regular maintenance.

Strategic Replacement

Then, to ensure the garage door mechanism’s longevity and balanced operation, we replaced not just one but both torsion springs. This method not only fixed the problem at hand but could also prevent problems that might happen in the future because of normal wear and tear.

Preventive Measures

In addition to replacing the springs, our team gave the homeowner important upkeep advice to make sure that the same thing does not happen again. Our technician stressed how important it is to have regular checks and maintenance for the garage door to stay in good shape and work as it should.


After the fix, the garage door is back to working like new, opening and closing smoothly. By replacing both springs, we have made sure the door works better and lasts longer. Plus, the homeowner now knows how to keep it that way.

Expert Garage Door Repair for Long-Term Satisfaction and Safety

At Titan Garage Doors NE, we are proud to bring our expertise to Council Bluffs, Iowa. We solve problems and make sure our clients are happy and informed, which is what we do best. This project was another opportunity to show our commitment to quality service and education on proper upkeep.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

To keep your garage door in top condition, follow these simple maintenance tips:

  • Lubricate moving parts yearly with silicone-based lubricant.
  • Regularly inspect springs and cables for wear and seek professional help for repairs.
  • Tighten any loose hardware to prevent operational issues.
  • Test the door balance and adjust springs as necessary for smooth operation.
  • Ensure safety features, like auto-reverse and photo-eye sensors, are functioning correctly.
  • Clean the door and touch up any rust spots with paint to prevent corrosion.
  • Finally, you should have a professional do a check once a year to catch any problems early and keep the machine running at its best.

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