Titan Garage Doors NE recently did an important garage door repair service for a homeowner in La Vista, NE. They were facing significant challenges with their garage door. The issues reported included slow movement, uneven lifting, and jerky motions during operation. In general, these symptoms point toward a compromised garage door system. Our team identified the root cause as a loosened tension in the torsion springs upon inspection. The daily usage over time has caused it to become weak.

Garage Door Repair Project Details

The Challenge

A garage door that does not operate as it should can be more than just a nuisance. It poses a safety risk and can compromise the security of a home. The symptoms observed suggested a loss of tension in the torsion spring, a critical factor responsible for the smooth and balanced operation of a garage door. Addressing this issue requires precision and expertise, as torsion springs are under much tension and can be dangerous to work with.

Our Approach

Our skilled technicians at Titan Garage Doors NE approached the project with meticulous care, prioritizing safety and efficiency. The repair process involved:

Safety Measures

Make sure the garage door does not move by chance while the repair is being done.

Tension Adjustments

With extreme caution, we adjusted the torsion spring’s tension to get it back to work and the right balance. This step was very important for the smooth and even operation of the door.

Lubrication and Testing

To reduce friction and wear, our team lubed all the moving parts after setting the spring. After that, we put the door through a lot of tests to ensure that it worked properly and no longer moved slowly or jerkily as it had before.

Final Inspection

With a thorough check, we ensured that all parts of the garage door system were working in every aspect.

The Outcome

The torsion spring repair on the garage door in La Vista, NE, was successful, and now the garage door works without a hitch. With quick response and proven solutions, we resolved the issues to the homeowner’s satisfaction. It highlighted the expertise and professionalism of the Titan Garage Doors NE team. This project showed how dedicated we are to providing excellent garage door services and making sure our clients are happy and safe.

How to Take Care of Garage Door Springs

Listen and Look: Regularly check your garage door in action. If it is making unusual noises or movements, it might be time for a closer look or a call to a professional.

Lubrication is Key: Once every few months, apply a silicone-based lubricant to the springs. It helps reduce friction and keeps the springs moving smoothly.

Keep It Clean: Dust and debris can pile up on your garage door springs. Wipe them down gently with a clean cloth to prevent buildup.

Check for Rust: Rust can weaken springs after some time. If you notice any rust forming, it is time to contact a professional for advice or replacement.

Balance Test: Disconnect your garage door opener and manually lift the door halfway up. If it does not stay in place, the springs might be out of balance, which calls for a professional adjustment.

Safety First: If you suspect any issues with your garage door springs, please do not attempt to repair them yourself. Garage door springs are under very high tension and can be dangerous. Always call a professional for repairs.

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