Garage Door Repair Nebraska City

Garage Door Track Repair Nebraska City

Project Description

A customer in Nebraska City called Titan Garage Doors NE seeking a garage door track repair because one of their tracks had bent, causing the rollers to slip out of the track. When we inspected their garage door, we confirmed that one of the tracks was severely deformed from heavy use. We replaced the damaged track section with a new one, and it has been working great. The customer is happy with our service and added us to their list of preferred providers.

The track is one of the parts of a residential garage door responsible for supporting the door’s weight and gets a lot of wear and tear. If you notice your garage door is not moving smoothly, although the door itself is in good condition, the culprit could be the tracks. Many different factors can cause damage to the tracks. Over time, garage door tracks will show noticeable wear and tear signs, such as loosened screws or bent support brackets. If you notice that your garage door track needs to be repaired or replaced, this should definitely be done soon.

Causes of garage door track problems

Broken cable and/or cable drum connection

The cable and cable drum are the components that pull and support the garage door. When they break, the massive weight of the door is suddenly released onto the tracks all at once, causing them to bend and warp.

Road salt and rust

Road salt and rust (particularly in the Midwest and North) and other corrosive industrial chemicals weaken the galvanization on the tracks, causing them to bend and warp. Natural degradation can be caused by various factors depending on where you live.

Metal fatigue

The horizontal garage door track is subject to metal fatigue every time the garage door is opened and closed. This repeated weight pressure on the metal track will cause it to become “fatigued” or weak. Over time, this can cause the tracks to bend or warp.


The garage door’s frame and tracks are usually damaged when a vehicle crashes with garage doors. Likewise, poor maintenance habits and high-impact collisions can result in bent tracks that lead to misalignments.


Obstructions can find their way onto the tracks and stop the rollers or cables from moving properly. Objects that get in the way of garage doors or tracks can also cause the door to misalign and bend the tracks.

Old age 

Old garage doors would not always function as smoothly as new ones, and it is pretty common for older models to have bent tracks. Also, the tracks may warp, bend, or become decayed due to shifting garage door foundation and construction materials over time.

How to check your garage door for bent tracks

If you are experiencing problems opening or closing your garage door, you could be dealing with a misaligned track. If your garage door is not working properly or at all, you should call a professional instead of attempting to repair it yourself. It is always ideal to have someone with the necessary skills and tools to handle the situation. A skilled expert can diagnose the issue and perform all the required repairs.

Look no further than Titan Garage Doors NE for garage door track repair. We are a leading provider of garage door repair services in Nebraska City and the surrounding areas, and our garage door services are second to none. We can assist you with everything from a new garage door track to garage door maintenance, and we offer a free estimate on all of our services, so you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money. So contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

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