A Bellevue, NE, homeowner with an aged garage door contacted us for a price quote on garage door installation. They had an old wooden garage door painted to match the house exterior. Although the old door was in decent condition, upkeep was too demanding, expensive, and time-consuming. It was not energy-efficient either. They wanted a new door that would be practical and match better with the design of their home. We advised our client on the benefits of sectional steel doors and how this kind of door can save them money in the long run. We helped them install their new door three weeks later with various customization options with no issues. After a long day, the client was very impressed with the detailed wood-grain finish that gives their home that authentic timber look. And though the short raised panels were constructed with steel for extra durability, they knew it was the perfect way to get the visual impression of timber without any hassle. This new garage door truly adds charm and character to their home. 

As professional installers, we understand the need for a garage door replacement. However, the homeowner, in this case, had an old wooden garage door that cost too much for them to maintain. While everybody loves the look of a real wood garage door, they require more time and money for upkeep. Fortunately, other garage door options are available to those who want to enjoy the look of a real wood door without costly maintenance.

Garage Door Alternatives to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

There are many different garage door styles to choose from that will provide the look you desire. Let our experts give tips on selecting the right option for your home, whether you want a traditional or modern look.

What Is a Faux Wood Garage Door?

Faux wood garage doors are designed to resemble real wood panels, using a combination of materials like plastics, resins, and laminates. However, they offer all the same aesthetic benefits as their natural counterparts but with none of their drawbacks. They resemble real wood but with lower costs, higher durability, and improved energy efficiency. Furthermore, you can customize them to match your project's color scheme. Though typically available in fewer profiles than softwood doors, faux wood garage doors are present in all major lineups from every major door manufacturer.

Fiberglass Garage Doors With Wood Grain Finish

Fiberglass garage doors use molded designs to look like wood without the hassle of painting, maintaining, or warping. Molded into the surface are realistic grains in a style that perfectly captures the intricacy and beauty of natural wood. Furthermore, the surface material is easy to mold, so that these products can be made quickly and cost-effectively.

Aluminum Garage Doors With Wood Grain Finish

Aluminum garage doors with wood grain finishes are among the most popular options. These doors have a subtle wood grain finish and can be added with specialty glass for an elegant look. Additionally, aluminum garage doors can be insulated for added thermal efficiency, preventing your garage from overheating during hot summer months or getting too cold in winter.

Steel Garage Doors With Wood Grain Finish

Faux wood steel garage doors are manufactured similarly to traditional metal doors. The difference is that a wood composite overlay is later glued to the outer layer, giving them a natural wood look. In addition, because faux wooden doors are crafted from steel or aluminum, they can be outfitted with layers of insulation for better heat and soundproofing.

Would you like to replace your outdated garage door but are worried about the high installation cost? There is no need to put up with an old, dented garage door. Many garage door alternatives can give your home a new look without breaking the bank.

At Titan Garage Doors NE, we know that a quality garage door installation is essential for your security and comfort. You can count on us to help find the perfect door for your needs, and our experienced technicians will install it without hassle. We have an entire line of garage doors that look as impressive without sacrificing safety and durability — they will last as long as a real wood garage door. Moreover, we offer only the best garage doors from known brands, so you can be sure yours will look beautiful and last for years. Contact us today for a free estimate!