A client from Springfield, NE, called Titan Garage Doors NE for a garage door replacement. Their garage door was inoperable because their car hit the panels during parking. We sent out our technicians right away. They noted severely bent panels and vinyl back insulation. They also observed that the rollers and vertical tracks suffered damage. Our team explained that there was no other option other than replacing the entire garage door. The owner decided to have the replacement as soon as possible. However, the panels must be pre-ordered, so it took us two weeks to complete the installation. The client thanked us for performing a highly-commendable service.

Sometimes, repairing damaged garage doors is not always an option. For example, there are instances when panel replacement is required to restore the functionality of a garage door. Other times, the age of the garage doors is a helpful indicator for determining whether a complete replacement is needed. When garage door repair is not enough, and an entire garage door replacement is required, a local garage door dealer such as Titan Garage Doors NE should be able to advise you on what to do best.

Steps to Take If Your Garage Door Is Dented

Here is how to assess the damage to a sectional or roller garage door before contacting your local garage door company for repairs.

Evaluate the Dented Area

There are many degrees of severity for garage door dents. Someone may lightly scratch the door and bump it with luggage or sports equipment. However, there is a chance that the dent will be more noticeable, and the damage might be severe if you strike the door with a bike or vehicle.

Assess the door carefully to determine the extent of the damage. Where is the dent located, and what size is it? Was it hand-, basketball- or car-sized? When you schedule repairs, your certified garage door repairer will probably inquire about the size and location of the dent.

Look For Damaged Components

The optimal operation of sectional, tilt, flex-a-doors, and roller garage doors depends on several components. A significant dent could impact more than just one panel. Even without evident signs of damage, the garage door's insulation, tracks, or springs could be affected. We advise against using a garage door damaged by a car, no matter how slight the dent, until a qualified expert from Titan Garage Doors NE has looked at it.

Consider the possibility that when attempting to open a door that has been dented, the door may become stuck in the tracks or exert excessive force on the frame, further harming the system. The sooner you identify broken components, the better you can safeguard the door's integrity while repairs are being made. A specialist must fix any damage to the tracks, frame, springs, or garage door opener. Remember, never try to open the garage door.

Repair vs. Replacement Costs for Garage Doors

There are several things to consider when deciding whether to have a garage door fixed or replaced. First, budget is frequently the primary consideration when making this decision, even if aesthetics, color updates, and energy efficiency are all important. Although it may seem like a significant cost, the most effective approach to increase the value of your property, according to the most recent cost vs. value analysis, is to replace your garage doors.

If you want to enhance your home's performance, curb appeal, and value, we are here to help. Titan Garage Doors NE is the top choice for reliable garage doors in Omaha, NE. Our services include custom garage doors for your home or commercial property. When life happens and you need to fix dented doors, call us at (402) 513-0255 to schedule a repair or garage door replacement.