Titan Garage Doors NE just completed a garage door repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska. It involved replacing a broken torsion spring and the garage door cables. As a result of excessive usage, the garage door spring and cables had suffered from too much stress and broke. Prior to the incident, the client heard strange noises and had trouble opening and closing the garage door.

With our fast response time, our team came ready to fix these problems and get the garage door working again. 

Scope of the Garage Door Spring Replacement

Let us see how our team of skilled experts handled the situation: 

Site Inspection

Following a thorough check, they found the root cause of the broken door cables. It turned out that the torsion spring had already worn out and rusted. This common problem was made worse by the fact that the lifting cables were also in bad shape. They had broken under the extra weight, making the door useless and dangerous.

Safety Measures

To secure the area, we locked the garage door down so that it would not move while the repair was being done.

Removal of Damaged Garage Door Spring and Cables

Carefully taken off were both the broken torsion spring and the worn-out wires. This step was very important to keep the garage door system from getting worse.

Installation of New Spring and Garage Door Cables

To fit the door’s size and weight, we chose a new and more durable torsion spring and cables. By carefully choosing each item, our team made sure that the door would work well and last a long time. We then installed the quality replacement parts with extreme caution and precision. 

Adjustments and Calibration

The installation process did not end there. We needed to adjust and calibrate the complete system, which included setting the right tension in the spring. We also ensured the proper alignment and tension of cables for the smooth and safe operation of the door.

Testing and Quality Assurance

After that, we conducted several tests to confirm that the auto-reverse mechanisms and other safety features were fully functional.

Garage Door Repair Project Result

With Titan Garage Doors NE’s quick response and expertise, we restored the door’s full and seamless operation. The quality replacement not only fixed the issues at hand but enhanced the safety and durability of the door system. The homeowner was very thankful for the effective service provided by our professional technicians.

Commitment to Quality Garage Door Repair in Elkhorn, NE

This project in Elkhorn, NE, exemplifies Titan Garage Doors NE’s commitment to providing high-quality garage door repair services. As garage door repair experts, we address both symptoms and underlying causes. By doing so, we provide comprehensive and long-lasting solutions. Our repairs not only restore the functionality of the door but also provide our clients with peace of mind and enhanced security. For reliable garage door services, Titan Garage Doors NE remains a trusted choice in the community.

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