Titan Garage Doors NE completed a garage door spring replacement project for a valued client in La Vista, NE. The client found it difficult to open and close smoothly, and the door mechanism was clearly out of balance and under a lot of tension. Our inspection revealed that the garage door springs had signs of wear and severe rust. The worn springs made the garage door less efficient and risked the client’s and their property’s safety. 

To fix the problem, we suggested replacing the old springs with high-quality, long-lasting ones that can handle the stress of daily use. We chose a new set of torsion springs that met the needs of the client’s garage door system. Then we tested the door’s balance and made sure the door worked well. The client expressed satisfaction with the results. They said the garage door worked better than before. Overall, they valued the level of expertise and knowledge of our Titan Garage Doors NE team.

Behind a garage door’s seemingly simple operation is a complicated system of parts. None are as critical as the garage door springs. These simple but strong springs carry most of the door’s weight and make it easy to move up and down. But as time passes and these springs go through many cycles, they break down or become less safe and harder to use.

Why Did Your Garage Door Springs Break?

Garage door springs usually break because of heavy use, material fatigue, and environmental conditions. Here are a few of the most common causes why garage door springs break:

Cycle Count

A cycle is one full opening and closing of the garage door. You complete one of these cycles every time you open and close your garage door. Garage door springs can only work a certain number of cycles before they wear down and break. Usually, extension springs last longer than torsion springs.

Weight and Size of the Door

When the garage door is in use, the amount of stress that garage door springs endure depends on several factors. The size and weight of the door play a significant role. For example, two-car and wooden doors are bigger and heavier, which can cause their springs to wear out faster.

Poor Maintenance

Proper lubrication reduces friction and helps keep springs from breaking before they should. Lack of proper upkeep or poorly lubricated springs can speed up the wear.

Rust and Corrosion

When exposed to moisture, humidity, and corrosive elements, springs can rust and corrode. Rust weakens metal and makes it more likely that the springs will break.

Cold and Heat

The spring’s material properties can change when the temperature changes a lot. That means they might eventually get weak or lose elasticity.

Normal Wear and Tear

Like any mechanical part, garage door springs wear out with time. They face repeated stress and strain when the door opens and closes.

Poor Quality Springs

Spring quality can affect how long they last. Cheaper, lower-quality springs may wear out faster than more pricey ones. Quality springs can withstand the stresses caused by opening and closing the garage door.

Incorrect Spring Type or Size

If you use the wrong type or size of springs for your garage door, they will wear out and break before they should. Springs can wear out quickly if they are too weak for the door’s weight or not set up right.

Excessive Force

When you slam the garage door shut or use too much force when opening or shutting it, you put extra stress on the springs, which causes them to wear out faster.


Even with proper maintenance, garage door springs will naturally degrade because of material fatigue and stress. That is an inevitable factor in spring wear.

Get Professional Service for Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage door springs can last longer if you keep up with maintenance like lubrication, visual checks, and adjustments. If you find your springs worn out or broken, do not try fixing them yourself. Remember, your garage door springs are under much pressure, and DIY repair can be dangerous. It is best to have a licensed garage door technician check them out. They will replace them if necessary.

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