A client in Ashland, NE, contacted us at Titan Garage Doors NE for garage door repair. The spring on their double-car garage door had snapped, making the door unsafe to operate. We found that the home had been built by a big building company. They installed only one low-quality torsion spring on the client's double-car garage door, which explained why it broke in two places. To rectify the situation, we recommended upgrading to a dual spring system—something the client agreed with. We not only upgraded the one broken spring to two new ones but also reinforced the garage door. The entire garage door spring replacement took three hours to complete. The result was increased safety and support for the client's garage door weight.

Are you experiencing a faulty garage door in your home? The spring could be the culprit. A garage door spring is a mechanism that lifts and pulls the garage door panels up to close. These springs are also responsible for holding the panels together as they open and close. Garage door spring problems are one of the most common issues with spring-mounted garage doors. Often, the door will stop working halfway through, making you feel anxious when you leave or enter your garage. 

Unfortunately, many home builders avoid using two torsion springs when they install a new garage door to save money at the time. These builders know that they can install a single spring with fewer cycles, but it does not give the garage door system as much life as one with a dual spring system does. It is especially true for double-car garage doors. If you feel apprehension about upgrading to a dual spring system, here is why garage door experts recommend this upgrade.

Benefits of Using Two Torsion Springs

Prevents Damage to the Garage Door

Many problems can occur when a single spring is utilized on a double-car garage door. If the spring snaps close to the stationary cone, the winding cone will spin loose and tug on the cables. It may cause one or two cables to break. Additionally, if the opener's up-force is set too strongly, the top portion or the entire door could be damaged. When the first spring breaks, a second spring helps maintain tension, resulting in fewer broken cables and less harm to the garage door.

Added Safety When a Spring Breaks

When your garage door's spring breaks, the door might fall suddenly like a guillotine. It could injure or even kill someone who is underneath it. Even though some garage door openers are equipped with sensors that should prevent the door from closing when someone is beneath it, the opener may not always be able to stop the door from falling. When one spring breaks, the other will usually be able to keep the door from falling and causing harm. Indeed, for this reason, it is advantageous to install a second spring. 

Higher Cycle Life Options

As you use your garage door, you slowly shorten its lifespan. The life expectancy of a torsion spring is determined by the number of cycles it can handle before breaking. Most garage doors have springs with a 20,000-cycle lifespan. You use up one of its cycles with every opening and closing of your garage door. But by installing two torsion springs instead of just one, you can extend the life of your springs to 40,000 cycles. Not only will a dual-spring system save you money down the road, but it will also increase the performance of your garage door.

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