Titan Garage Doors NE recently provided a garage door spring replacement service to a homeowner in Bennington, NE. The client's garage door had a broken extension spring, which caused the door to malfunction and posed a safety hazard. We determined it had broken due to normal wear and tear and exposure to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. During the evaluation, we suggested replacing both extension springs, even though only one had broken. The reason was to ensure both springs had the same strength and could hold the garage door properly. Also, changing both springs at the same time can save you time and money if the other one breaks shortly after the first one is fixed. The technician changed both springs with high-quality, long-lasting parts that can handle rough weather and daily use. After the repair, the technician tested the garage door to ensure it was functioning correctly and safely. The client was highly satisfied with Titan Garage Doors NE's service, impressed by our professionalism, expertise, and speedy repair.

Broken extension springs on a garage door can be annoying and even dangerous for homes. If your garage door's extension springs break, it will not close or open properly. They can also put your car and things at risk of damage or theft. So, for a garage door to be safe and useful, you need to be able to find broken extension springs and safely fix them.

What are garage door extension springs?

Garage door extension springs are a type of mechanical spring commonly used to counterbalance the weight of a garage door. They work by stretching and contracting as the door moves up and down. Installed on either side of the door, extension springs store and release energy for smooth lifting and lowering of the door. These springs are made of steel or galvanized wire and can handle the steady tension and pressure of supporting garage doors. 

Garage door extension springs vary in size and strength, depending on the weight and size of the door.

What are the common causes of broken garage door extension springs?

Broken garage door extension springs can happen for several reasons. Time-related wear and tear is one of the main reasons. Extension springs are under a lot of strain and pressure; they can weaken and break over time. Broken garage door extension springs can happen for a number of reasons. Time-related wear and tear is one of the main reasons. Extension springs are under a lot of strain and pressure; they can weaken and break over time. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and other natural factors can damage the springs. 

Additionally, the springs can break early if not installed or adjusted correctly. Extension springs can break because of rust, corrosion, contact damage, or using the wrong size/strength springs for the door's weight and size. So, frequent inspections are necessary to find and solve spring problems before they cause major problems or safety hazards.

Signs of a Broken Spring

Several signs may indicate a broken garage door extension spring. An obvious sign of a broken spring is a garage door that is difficult to open/close or only partially opens. That may indicate one or both extension springs are broken, leading to door imbalance and difficulty in movement. Furthermore, broken extension spring signs can include a loud banging noise, visible wear or damage, and a gap in the spring. 

If you suspect your garage door extension springs may be broken, you must refrain from attempting to operate the door. Instead, contact a professional garage door repair service to inspect and address the issue. Utilizing a garage door with a broken spring makes the door unstable, causes it to be out of balance, and increases the risk of damage and injury.

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