A client from Bennington, NE, needed garage door spring replacement and called us Titan Garage Doors NE. They could not access their garage because the overhead sectional door was inoperable due to a broken torsion spring. So we sent out our service technicians, equipped with all the tools and the right replacement parts. We found that one of the two old, heavily rusted springs had snapped. We immediately replaced both springs of suitable lengths and wire sizes. We completed the garage door spring replacement in under an hour, and the client expressed relief that they could safely access their garage door with ease again. 

The garage door will not open when a spring snaps. It might be risky to lift a door while the spring is broken. Even riskier is attempting to replace the springs on your own. Remember, you should never try to restore a broken spring. Only qualified technicians should handle torsion springs problems. At Titan Garage Doors NE, you can rest assured that all our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in handling every door situation, such as a broken garage door spring. Below, you will find some information about torsion spring replacement.

Are All Garage Door Springs the Same?

There is a widespread misperception that all garage door springs are the same—that garage door springs come in a one-size-fits-all design. Unfortunately, that is not the case. You must know the correct spring for your door because garage door springs come in various sizes and strengths. Otherwise, you may face a wide range of issues. Some will merely set you back a bit, while others might put your and your loved ones' security at risk. Your garage door springs could be damaged due to one of three causes—they do not fit, are too big, or too small. Let us examine all three at once.

What Happens When the Springs Are Too Small?

If your springs are too small for the garage door, this could lead to some very serious problems. The spring will not be able to carry as much of the load as it should if it is too small to start with. When this happens, you force the other parts of the door mechanism under more strain. For instance, the opener will have to make up for the springs if they are not doing their job. That will effectively burn out the motor. Or, at the very least, drastically reduce the opener's lifespan.

The chain, belt, or screw-drive will also experience unnecessary stress if the springs are too small. While the door is open, the chain or belt could break. And that could be a really dangerous situation. Spring sizes that are undersized can also impact the cables and pulleys. In addition, excessive tension may result in the cable drums going out of alignment. Alternatively, a cable could break.

What Happens if the Springs Are Too Big?

You may soon need the assistance of Titan Garage Doors NE experts if the springs on your garage door are too large. Too-large garage door springs could end up stressing the opener just as much as too-small springs. It is just a different kind of stress. The motor must work harder to control the door's movement when the springs are overly strong. The opener will have to function as a brake since the springs will be trying to pull it up or down too quickly. Again, the motor will be subjected to unusual and heavy stresses from always holding the door back, resulting in premature burnout.

What Happens if the Springs Are Mismatched?

Similar to extension springs, one must install torsion springs in pairs. Each spring is responsible for raising one side of the door. For the most part, a two-spring system can work perfectly. But sometimes, when replacing an extension or torsion spring, the person performing the service will install a spring different from the other existing spring. As a result, the forces being applied to the entire door mechanism become unbalanced.

Rollers may pop out of tracks, tracks may fall out of alignment, and the door may hang unevenly due to these irregularities. Additionally, the wires on either side of the door pull unevenly on the door. As a result, the door's panels may start to sag, and spaces may begin to show. The motor, chain, belt, or screw-drive mechanism will also experience unneeded stress and strain as a result of all this dysfunction in the door.

Garage Door Repair near Me

There are thousands of possible spring combinations, but only one is the right one for your door. At Titan Garage Doors NE, we ensure that the right springs are used for every garage door spring replacement to avoid future problems. If you hire us for garage door repair, your door will surely be at its peak performance more quickly, at considerably fair prices!

The number of installers who choose the wrong spring size is alarming. And only through experience can one decide which springs to use. So if you notice early signs of repair or replacement in your garage door spring, do not delay further. Instead, call us today to get started!