A homeowner from Fremont, NE, called Titan Garage Doors NE for a garage door spring replacement. When we inspected their garage door, we discovered that the torsion spring was damaged beyond repair and needed to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent more harm. To ensure that the torsion spring would last for many years, we replaced it with a longer one. After safety and security checks, we finished the task quickly. The client expressed their satisfaction and assured us they would strongly recommend our company to anyone searching for excellent work done well and on time.

It is frustrating when your garage door would not open just when you need to leave the garage. Your garage door has only two primary functions: to open and close, and it can be a real pain if it is not doing either.

If your garage door would not open, do not panic. To make things easier for you, our experts at Titan Garage Doors NE have listed the possible fixes from the least to the most complex. Read on to learn how to troubleshoot a garage door not opening correctly.

Engage the Manual Release

You should check the manual release if you are having trouble with your garage door opener. Usually located near the front of the garage, the manual release is a brightly-colored cord that should be within easy reach. (Safety codes state that it should not be above 6 feet above the ground.)

If you have a garage door with a manual release, you can still operate it manually even when it is on. It would be best to pull the cord to disconnect it from the motor, then use your garage door remote to activate it again.

Examine Your Springs for Damage

The garage door springs are responsible for the heavy lifting. The opener is the system's brains, controlling the door's movements. A pair of tightly wound coils, known as torsion springs, are found above the door and hold tension that allows the heavy door to move up and down.

If your garage door is trying to open but not succeeding, or if it only opens partially, the problem may be with the torsion springs. First, check for any gaps between the coils indicating damage or breakage. If you were at home when a torsion spring snapped, you would likely have heard a loud explosion-like noise.

If your torsion spring needs adjusting or garage door spring replacement is necessary, it is best to call a professional service such as Titan Garage Doors NE. The tension in the springs can be hazardous and even deadly if not handled correctly. Even experienced DIYers can have difficulty safely working with torsion springs, so trying to fix them on your own is not worth the risk.

Inspect the Tracks

If your garage door is not working correctly, one thing you can check is the tracks. First, make sure they are straight and adequately lubricated. If necessary, you can straighten bent tracks and lubricate them with a good, non-permeable lubricant made specifically for garage doors.

An out-of-alignment garage door can become stuck, sag off the tracks, or lean to one side. Do not attempt to open or close the door forcefully if you encounter any of these problems. Doing so could damage your tracks, cause additional rollers to come off, and injure you.


The above tips are some essential troubleshooting tips to help you get by in the meantime. Remember to be very careful when dealing with garage doors - they can be cumbersome and cause severe injury or even death if not correctly handled. If the problem persists, it may be a good idea to call a professional for assistance.

Garage Door Repair near Me

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