Titan Garage Doors NE recently responded to this call from a Lincoln, NE, client with an urgent concern. Broken garage door cables were causing their door not to work right. This problem was not only a bother, but it was also a safety risk.

The first step in our repair job was a thorough check of the client’s garage door. This important step helped us figure out what the problem was and what the best solution would be. After the inspection, our technician confirmed the need for a garage door cable replacement

Experts in Action: Garage Door Cable Replacement

Our skilled team replaced the cables quickly, as we had all the right tools and replacement parts. Here is how we dealt with it:

Safety First

To avoid any accidents, we made sure the garage was in a closed position. Then, we safely disconnected the door by cutting off the power of the electric garage door opener.

Removal of the Broken Cables

We carefully took out the broken cables, making notes on the size and length so that we could set the new cables correctly.

Installation of New Cables

We chose and fitted high-quality cables that will last. When we attached these cables, we took great care to make sure they were tensioned correctly and properly secured.

Door Balance Correction

After installing the cables, we did an important step, which was to balance the garage door. Adjusting the tension was part of this process to make sure it ran smoothly and safely.

Tests and Fine-Tuning

We tested the door’s performance to check if it ran well and safely. Then, we made minor adjustments to make sure it worked perfectly and had the right mechanisms for opening and shutting.

Clean-up and Inspection

After the installation, we cleaned up the work area and did a final check to make sure everything was working properly.

Client Support and Feedback

During the entire project, we kept the client in the loop, explaining things like how to keep their cables last longer. They were really glad with how quickly and efficiently we got the job done. The best part? They loved how their garage door worked so much better after we fixed it. Thanks to our fast fix, they now have a smooth garage door and do not make a peep. This job really showed us we did a great job.

This project not only showed Titan Garage Doors NE’s dedication to excellence in garage door repairs but also strengthened our reputation for offering outstanding support and knowledge. The client’s positive response and the fact that their garage door worked again were both signs of how hard our team worked and how skilled we were.

What Should You Do if You Found a Garage Door Broken Cable?

Have you ever walked into your garage and found yourself staring at a broken cable on your garage door? It is a sight that can cause a fair bit of worry. But what should you do in this situation? First and foremost, do not panic. A broken cable on your garage door does not mean you are there, stranded. It is a common issue that many homeowners face, and there is a simple solution: garage door cable replacement. Remember, your safety is paramount. Avoid trying to operate the garage door or fix the cable yourself, as this can lead to further damage or personal injury.

The next step is to call in the professionals. An expert in garage door broken cable repair can handle the issue safely and efficiently. Trying to fix it yourself might seem tempting, but the precision and expertise required for overhead door cable replacement make it a task best left to the pros. 

Does opening your garage door feel tougher than it used to? It could be time to get new garage door cables. A frayed or broken cable should not get in the way of your day. If you need top-notch garage door repair in Lincoln, NE, Titan Garage Doors NE is here for you. Our skilled techs can quickly find and fix any problems with your garage door, making sure it works safely and smoothly. We can help whether you just need a minor fix or a garage door cable replacement. Do not wait for a petty issue to grow into a bigger worry. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional, dependable garage door services. Get in touch with Titan Garage Doors NE right away for a free quote.