A homeowner contacted Titan Garage Doors NE from Waterloo, NE, for garage door installation. Their 20-year-old garage door had badly deteriorated and needed replacement. We sent a team to discuss with the client the options they had. They selected a vinyl-type garage door since it was lightweight, low maintenance, and would work with their current opener. We made an order with a reputable manufacturer, and three weeks later we proceeded with the garage door replacement. The safety and performance tests showed that we did the job correctly. The client loved the new garage door's improved curb appeal and promised to contact us again in the future for upgrades to their garage door opener.

Do you need an expert garage door technician for a new garage door installation?

Whether you are looking to replace your existing garage door or add on a new garage door, it is important to get help from a reputable garage door company to install your garage doors for your safety and comfort. Issues can occur anytime when installing both high-tech and standard garage doors. 

A trusted garage door company like Titan Garage Doors NE will have the experience to help with any garage door service including a new garage door installation. However, you should clearly understand what to look for, so you can point out the issue if you need to call a professional residential garage door repair company for help.

How long can the installation be completed?

Normally, it is difficult to determine an accurate time frame for a new garage door installation. Typically, installation can be completed in one day within a few hours though many factors affect the duration of new garage door installation.

The expert technicians must disassemble and remove the old garage doors before installation starts. Next will be the installation of new panels, tracks, rollers, springs, and cables. The garage door opener would take around six hours maximum to have installed. Professional installers must also test the garage door system to ensure it works properly.

Time is of the essence for each procedure completed during the installation process. For example, a professional garage door installer can complete a new build in as little as three hours, while replacing an old garage door requires additional steps. But, of course, it all depends on the door's size, your schedule's availability, weather, and other factors beyond our control. 

A regular door is a lot different than a garage door, particularly how it was built. Thus, installing one without the right tools and experience can be extremely dangerous. Garage doors are heavy and include heavy-duty components such as high-tension springs and cables. The opening mechanism can be quite sophisticated, so you do not want to risk making costly mistakes. You can have a safe and functional garage door with a professional installation.

Looking for a reliable and affordable garage door installation company in Waterloo, NE? Look no further than Titan Garage Doors NE. We offer various garage door services, including garage door installation, repair, and maintenance. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices. 

Are you having garage door issues? Garage door problems may pose risks putting your family in danger. However, if you are not a skilled garage door repair technician, leave it to the experts to handle the problem. Titan Garage Doors NE is the best in the Omaha area to handle residential garage door repair needs. Titan Garage Doors NE acts fast and is reliable to ensure that your garage door will be up and running in no time. To learn more about garage door repair services and garage door installations, give us a call at (402) 513-0255.