A resident called our team at Titan Garage Door NE to Ashland, NE, for garage door opener repair. The homeowner had noticed that the diagnostic LED light was flashing and showing an error code. Onsite, we discovered that their Craftsman garage door opener was not working due to overheating. The source of this is usually the door motor or the mechanism. We disconnected the opener using the emergency cord and allowed the garage door to open manually. We also checked for debris or broken components and finished the repairs in less than an hour. We completed the project faster than expected, leaving the homeowner with on-time service and quality parts that will not break anytime soon.

Garage door openers are simple machines. They are controlled by a motor, a pair of gears, and sometimes a chain. We often used them to open and close garage doors, gates, and other large doors. However, despite their simplicity, they can be complex to troubleshoot and repair. That is why you should call a professional to fix any problems or install an opener for your garage.

Should You Fix the Problem Yourself?

No. You should hire a garage door repair company for any issue with a garage door, especially involving your opener. It is wise to seek help from a professional garage door repair company to handle any problems. Experts can guarantee they will do repairs properly so your garage door system can run smoothly and efficiently. Let us discuss some common garage door repair problems that reliable technicians can handle.

What Are the Common Garage Door Problems?

It would be best to learn about the signs that your garage door is not working correctly and that you need the service of a reliable professional. There are several indications that you will encounter while operating your garage doors. Here are a few signs to look out for to know if your garage door needs to be repaired:

Broken Garage Door Springs 

When the garage door spring fails, you will hear loud noises like fireworks indicating that the spring has snapped. When a spring breaks, the garage door will no longer open or close properly. The springs should be immediately replaced when they break to ensure safety and security.

A Faulty Remote Opener 

Check if you can open the door with the garage keypad if the garage door opener stops working using the remote. That will determine if you need to replace the remote's batteries.

Door Remains Stuck

Temperature changes or a lack of lubrication are to blame for this. Moreover, you should call for help in fixing the garage door alignment since the level might have become imbalanced.

Broken Garage Door Cables

Cables break due to pressure or damage from spring cracks. One side of the garage door can sag and appear bent when a cable breaks. With no cable, you cannot raise or lower your garage door.

Sticking Rollers

If the rollers move more on one side of the door frame, the door could break off or get jammed in the track, making a loud noise. Sticking garage door rollers can be inconvenient, but they do not have to be. Sometimes the rollers only need to be lubricated, but there are other times when you should replace them completely.

Door Not Closing

When a garage door is not closing, it could be an issue with the sensor. For example, the sensors may be dirty, or someone or something may be blocking the beam in front of the sensor.

Random Opening and Closing of Garage Door

A garage door's operating settings need to be updated when the door randomly opens and closes. Good thing our technicians from Titan Garage Doors NE can adjust the door limits on a garage door opener.

Your garage doors are susceptible to many problems, including faulty door openers and malfunctioning sensors. Titan Garage Doors NE can fix all types of garage doors. From residential to commercial to industrial doors – we handle it all. We can also fix broken parts on the door, including hinges, panels, worn-out springs, rollers, and other parts.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. So when you need a quality and affordable garage door repair, installation, or maintenance service in Ashland, NE, and the nearby cities — call Titan Garage Doors NE today!