A homeowner called us to Bellevue, NE, for garage door opener repair. When we arrived, the garage door opener's lights were flashing, indicating an error in the opener hardware or software system. So we checked the unit and figured out that voltage overload toasted the AC/DC logic board. Further inspection revealed that the worn-out garage door rollers caused the opener to work harder each operation, leading to the overload. We returned after two days to install the replacement opener board we ordered. After replacing all the rollers, the garage door opened and closed without a hitch. The client was so happy they signed up for a garage door maintenance package with us to avoid future issues.

Automatic garage doors are a great way to make getting in and out of the house easier. But, like with any machinery, a professional must check it regularly to ensure everything works properly. They can sometimes get stuck or not start at all, as was in this client's case. The reason for this is the logic board that controls the whole system. It is the most important part of the garage door opener but can also be the most troublesome. Therefore, it pays to identify symptoms of an issue with the logic board. That way, you can fix it before it becomes a bigger problem.

How Can I Tell if My Garage Door Logic Board Is Failing?

The following are some signs that your garage door logic board may need repair or replacement:

The remote controls do not work

There could be several reasons a remote control is not working to open the garage door. One possibility is an issue with the garage door opener's logic board. Another reason might be that you need to replace the batteries in your remote. Additionally, one of the electrical devices in your garage or home may be causing interference with signals. You can check out our blog feature for more details on why a garage door remote is not working.

Strange behavior of your garage door

An issue with the circuit board is often why a garage door is not operating as it should. Symptoms of this issue include your garage door opening on its own or only opening halfway before stopping.

Malfunctioning safety sensors

Try placing an object before the photo-eye sensors to test whether your garage door circuit board is the issue. Note that even when the sensors are connected to a power source, they may not work correctly if the logic board is bad. At Titan Garage Doors NE, we recommend replacing openers over ten years old rather than just their circuit board.

Steps on Inspecting an Opener Logic Board

Unplug your garage door opener

Before you begin working with the logic board, unplugging the motor unit from the power is important. That will ensure your safety and the integrity of your property.

Open the back of the garage door opener

You can unlock the motor unit's back with a socket or screwdriver. When reinstalling the lid, placing the screws in the correct spots is crucial because they may be different sizes.

Check for loose connections

Examine the connection joints on the logic board to ensure that all connections are secure. Check for any loose connections and re-solder as necessary.

Check the capacitor

Check the white cylindrical capacitor. This component acts like a battery for your opener and signs of failing include leaking or bulging. Rather than investing in a capacitor test, buying a new one is best.

Inspect the wires

Inspect the garage door motor's controller wires. These copper wires have a plastic release button that could become corroded or slip out over time, which could cause problems with the operation of the garage door.

At Titan Garage Doors NE, we understand that malfunctioning garage door openers can be a major inconvenience. That is why we offer reliable garage door opener repair services to help you get your machine up and running quickly and efficiently. From fixing broken sensors to installing new openers, our team is equipped to handle any repair or installation requirement. In addition, we use high-quality garage door opener replacement parts from brands like LiftMaster and Genie. So give us a call today to get started!