We were called in Elkhorn, NE, to deal with an issue with a homeowner's garage door. The arm came back when the homeowner pressed the remote, but the door was not opening. When they inspected it, they saw that the nosepiece had completely ripped from the garage door. They initially thought to solder it together and drill new holes. However, they realized it would be too dangerous and might cause further damage to the opener's bracket. Finally, they decided to call us at Titan Garage Doors NE for help. From our initial inspection, we knew that it could only be fixed by anything short of complete replacement. So, first, we ensured the door worked safely again by replacing the broken nosepiece. Then, installing an operator reinforcement bracket was all it needed to put the opener back into service. In no time, we finished the garage door opener repair and restored the garage door's operation.

Since we are garage door experts, we always deal with broken springs and snapped cables. Yet clients run into the most uncommon issues, such as ripped operator reinforcement brackets. Although garage door owners know about their door systems, there are other generic parts they have yet to hear of. One of these is the operator reinforcement bracket. This component, however, is equally as important as the rest of the components in the system — a detail that you should remember never to take lightly.

What is a garage door opener reinforcement bracket?

The operator reinforcement bracket (ORB) is the small bracket that connects the J bar of the opener to the door itself. It is installed at the top center of the garage door. This reinforcement bracket supports the door's weight and prevents damage from being done as it opens and closes. 

Failure of your door can likely come from the nosepieces that are common in garage doors. The issue is that these nosepieces are not sized correctly for the job. In addition, your garage door's springs will start to deteriorate over time, adding weight that must be lifted by both the J bar and your opener. The nosepiece is under a lot of stress when the weight increases. This stress can result in the panel cracking and needing replacement, particularly for steel garage doors.

How to prevent the nosepiece from splitting from the door?

An operator reinforcement bracket is a much sturdier and longer-lasting option than a standard nosepiece for your garage door. The ORB is a thick bracket 21" long and reinforces the entire top panel of the door. It distributes the force from being pulled or pushed by the opener more evenly across the pane and prevents the entire force from being borne by a single central spot.

No matter how old your door is, installing a reinforcement bracket is a quick, easy, and affordable way to extend its life. With an ORB installed on your garage door, you will never have to fear the door splitting along the top panel or the nosepiece ripping out. That will keep your garage door working properly for a long time.

Reinforcement brackets are a great way to increase the lifespan of your door. Installation is quick, easy, and inexpensive, so there is no reason not to add this extra layer of protection to your home.

So when it comes to garage door opener repair, the last thing you want to do is leave your home unprotected. Instead, you need a reliable garage door company like Titan Garage Doors NE. We provide a wide range of garage services, including operator reinforcement bracket installation. We do not compromise on service, so we only use high-quality parts for all our garage door repairs. Plus, we offer affordable prices and service plans tailored to your needs. Call us today for more information!