A client in Cedar Creek, NE, called Titan Garage Doors NE because they had problems with their garage door. It had become difficult and noisy to open, so they decided to call us out of concern for their safety and ask if we could fix it. When our garage door specialists arrived, we discovered that the vertical tracks were bent and misaligned due to rust and corrosion. We advised the owner that it was preferable to repair both tracks to ensure smooth performance. Repairing even though the other track was not severely damaged could also save the costs for future replacement. The client was very relieved, especially when we tested the door, and it ran smoothly and quietly. Afterward, we provided maintenance advice for keeping the tracks in good condition. The client thanked us for the affordable garage door track replacement before we left.

The tracks your garage door runs on play a big role in how smoothly it operates. The tracks need attention if you notice the door moving jerkily or any rollers coming loose. If they are damaged or not properly aligned, they could cause damage to other parts of the door system or even lead to accidents.

Bent Garage Door Tracks: What Causes Them?

There could be several causes for your bent garage door tracks. However, the typical causes are as follows:

• Your garage door's tracks and other moving parts will deteriorate simply from daily use.

• Trying to close the garage door if the door cable snaps or the connection to the drum is severed can cause the tracks to become bent. 

• Improper lubrication can cause the rollers on a garage door stiff and create friction as they move. This resistance can cause damage not only to bending tracks but also to other components of the garage door assembly.

• Corrosive substances and rainwater salts can corrode the metal in garage door tracks.

• Heavy lawn equipment hitting the garage door or a car slamming into it might damage the tracks and other components.

• A garage door opener that is malfunctioning may pull to one side. This faulty operation might damage the tracks.

Maintenance of Garage Door Roller Tracks

A yearly inspection of the rollers and tracks will help you avoid potential issues and maintain your garage door properly. It is important to have regular maintenance appointments with a qualified garage door company. However, you can also do some things on your own to keep your garage door tracks clean and lubricated. By taking these simple steps, you can help extend the life of your garage door and avoid costly repairs down the road.

To prepare for garage door rollers maintenance, remove any vehicles and equipment that could block track and rollers' access. Then, close the door and set up a step ladder to inspect the rollers and tracks. Make sure there is enough lighting inside to work safely.

Check the rollers periodically. Over time, they can become worn down and need to be replaced. If you see any that look damaged, it is best to replace them as soon as possible.

You should also check the bearings on the rollers. You can brush away debris and grease with an old toothbrush if they are metal and unsealed. Wipe it clean with a rag afterward. You can also lubricate the bearings with silicone spray oil.

Next, brush the inside of the tracks, dislodging grease, dirt, and other debris. After cleaning the tracks, spray them with disc brake cleaner and wipe them down with a fresh rag. You have removed any remaining particles after cleaning.

To ensure that your garage door tracks are properly aligned, you will need to level the tracks and adjust them as necessary. You can set a level on the top of the tracks. Ensure they are slanted slightly from the opening toward the garage's back wall. The tracks should also be hung the same distance from the ceiling to prevent any issues.

Most people do not realize how important it is to maintain their garage door tracks. Neglecting this vital maintenance task can lead to all sorts of problems. You can keep your garage door working properly for many years by taking just an hour to perform simple maintenance.

At Titan Garage Doors NE, we offer garage door repair and maintenance services to busy Omaha residents and business owners. Our routine maintenance packages are designed to keep your garage door in top condition. Plus, we offer free estimates to all our clients. So call us today to schedule a service visit!