When a client in Cedar Creek, NE, called Titan Garage Doors NE for help. Their garage door cable kept coming off its drum, so our highly-trained service technicians immediately went over to fix the problem. Upon inspection, we found that one of the cables had snapped due to improper tension. As a result, the cables jumped off the drum since the tension was too tight. So we proceeded with the garage door cable replacement. First, we replaced the broken cables to ensure they were as equal in length as possible. We also inspected and aligned the tracks and rollers on the garage door's top section so it would operate at peak efficiency. Finally, we lubricated all of the hardware and did a final test. Before we left, we gave them the maintenance tips they needed to operate their garage door. The client is grateful for us taking care of the garage door repair quickly and cleanly.

Garage door cables are what make the garage system function. When your garage door is not working properly, it is mostly because of the cable or spring. So, you must check out and replace the parts of your garage door. And, of course, you want to know when you need a garage door cable replacement.

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Cables?

While garage door cables serve an important purpose, they tend to wear out over time. Of course, you do not want to replace your door cables too soon, but you do not want to wait too long, either. 

Cables Are Loose or Drooping

One of the most common signs that your garage door's cables need to be replaced is when they show signs of wear and tear. Every month or so, checking the cables for any damage, such as fraying, drooping, or looseness, is a good idea. Remember never to touch the cables while the door operates for safety reasons.

Damaged cables can cause issues with your daily schedule and may have long-term damage to your garage door. In some cases, it may even require a complete replacement. So as soon as you notice any problems with your garage door's cables, call us for prompt and professional repair service.

You Hear Unusual Sounds From Your Garage Door

Noisy garage doors can be a sign that it is time to fix your door's cables. Loud banging, grinding, or clashing noises may mean your cables are too strained and must be replaced. Applying WD-40 or bike chain lubricant to your garage door springs may help ease the noise temporarily. Still, contacting a garage door specialist is the best way to eliminate these unwelcome noises.

Misalignment of Your Garage Door

Opening and closing your garage quickly becomes a challenge when your garage doors are off their tracks. One thing that can cause this misalignment is a faulty garage cable. The cable is responsible for moving the garage along the track, so a malfunction can create issues with your springs, motor, and more.

Do you need to replace your garage door cables? At Titan Garage Doors NE, our team of highly trained and qualified professionals has the experience to help with any problem, big or small. We pride ourselves on offering prompt, affordable, high-quality garage door services to Nebraska residents and the surrounding cities. We can assist with your garage door problems, including replacing your springs and rollers so your doors open and close smoothly again. Do not delay! For more information on our residential garage door repair services and installations, call us right now, and we will be there quickly!