A client from Cedar Creek, NE, called Titan Garage Doors NE because one of their garage door's cables had snapped. Our team was ready for a garage door cable replacement within hours after the call. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, we discovered all the other lift cord cables were rusted and would have broken soon, too. We recommended replacing them all to ensure the safety of the garage door. The customer was delighted with our courteous and expert service.

Your garage door can malfunction and not shut properly due to a damaged cable. These cables will eventually wear out because of the tension that the door's weight puts on them. If your garage door is not working properly, the first thing you should check is the condition of the cables. It could be time to replace the cables that came with your garage door if they are corroded. Another reason to replace the cables is if your garage door opener is an older model or if you hear a clicking sound when the door rises.

The Most Common Garage Door Cable Problems

Fraying, breaking, and coming off the drum are the most common garage door cable problems. These problems can be caused by many things, including age, rust, and wear and tear. If your cables show signs of any of these problems, it is essential to have them fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk severe damage to your garage door or even injury.

Your garage door cables are frayed

If you have an old garage door, chances are you have experienced a problem with your cables at some point. Fraying is the most typical reason for a broken garage door cable. The wire frays and weakens over time as the cable ages or deteriorates. The cable may snap or fray if it comes into contact with another metal component. The cable eventually breaks, putting a strain on the rest of the door. Your garage door cable may also be compromised by corrosion. Your garage door cables may corrode excessively due to moisture and improper maintenance, causing them to break and leaving your garage door inoperable. Fortunately, this is easy to fix—simply replacing the cables will do the trick.

Your garage door cables are broken

If your garage door has trouble opening and shutting, it may be due to a damaged cable. These cables are responsible for moving the door up and down; if they break, it can cause the door to get stuck. Breaking is usually caused by an obstruction in the door's path or incorrect installation and can be fixed by replacing the cables.

The auto-reverse mechanisms and photo safety eyes on modern garage doors are made to prevent the doors from shutting on people or objects below them. However, if these components are damaged or lacking because the door is so old, the garage door may hit an obstruction when closing. That can result in a cable on one side of the garage door coming loose and damaging the lower sections of the garage door and whatever it struck.

Cables coming off the drum

Slack in the cable and cable damage are the two circumstances under which garage door cables come off from their drums. They may come loose during the opening or closing of the garage door if they are not tightly twisted around the cable drum. Poor installation or user error are the leading causes of slack in garage door cables. In addition, cables coming off the drum happen when the tension gets too loose, which can be quickly remedied by tightening them again.

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