A client in Council Bluffs, IA, needed immediate garage door repair and called us at Titan Garage Doors NE. The garage door was unbalanced and stuck halfway open because of a broken cable. We swiftly dispatched the nearest available technician to the client’s location. That made sure that the important problem was fixed quickly.

Opting for a more thorough approach, our technician decided to replace both garage door cables. This preventive step ensured the door’s consistent performance and helped avoid the need for future repairs. Upon completion of our service, the garage door worked perfectly again. The homeowner was grateful for our quick job and fast response so they could go on with their day without delay.

Garage door systems rely on cables to work properly and safely. These cables, usually made of strong steel lines, are a key part of making the door’s weight more even. In a standard torsion spring system, the cables wind around drums at the top corners of the door. The extension spring system has cables attached to its bottom corners. Their main job is to help the springs move the door up and down smoothly. The cables ensure the garage door opens and shuts evenly on both sides.

Over time, cables can become worn and damaged. A broken cable can make the system less safe, so it is important to check them regularly for signs of damage. If they break or wear out, they must be replaced immediately to avoid more problems or accidents.

Why Do Garage Door Cables Break?

1. Wear and Tear: This is the most common reason a cable breaks. Every time the garage door is in motion, the cables stretch and move, which can cause them to fray and weaken over time.

2. Rust and corrosion: When cables are exposed to moisture for a long time, they can rust. This rust can weaken the steel lines, making them more likely to break.

3. Incorrect Installation: If a garage door cable is not installed properly, it may not be set to the correct tension or wear evenly, which could lead to premature breakage.

4.Material of poor quality: Low-quality cables wear out faster than high-quality ones.

5. Mismatched Parts: If you put a heavy garage door with cables meant for a lighter door, the cables can break from being overworked.

6. Lack of Maintenance: If you do not keep up with maintenance, problems like damage or rust can worsen before you notice them. If you do not do this, cables could break when you least expect it.

Prevent Your Garage Door Cables From Breaking Suddenly

Regularly checking garage door cables for wear, fraying, or damage is crucial. If you take care of possible problems as soon as you notice them, you can avoid unexpected breakage and the safety risks it can cause.

Is your garage door not working as well as it used to? Problems with garage door cables can be like a ticking time bomb if they are not fixed immediately. Rely on Titan Garage Doors NE, your local garage door repair service in Council Bluffs and the surrounding areas. Our licensed technicians are great at identifying and fixing such problems, ensuring that your door works as well as possible. We offer full-service garage door maintenance and installation in addition to repairs. Contact us now to get a free quote.