In Council Bluffs, Iowa, Titan Garage Doors NE responded to a need for an urgent garage door repair. The client could not operate their garage door since the cables had broken. When we arrived, we discovered that both lifting cables had snapped due to wear and tear. So, we started the garage door cable replacement to get the homeowners access to their garage and go back into their daily routine immediately. We completed the job after a couple of hours. After some tests, we lubricated some components and the door back to its smooth operation. The client was pleased with our prompt and cost-effective garage door repair service.

Using a garage door with a broken cable can be dangerous, especially when you are trying to get out of your home during an emergency or trying to get in from the outside. However, a garage door cable replacement is a common repair that experts at Titan Garage Doors NE can handle. 

The cables hold up the garage door's weight and ensure it opens and closes correctly. It can be a crucial part of the door. Though eventually, the cable goes bad over time. Maintaining your garage door is the best way to help prevent a broken cable.

Dealing With the Common Garage Doors Problems

Your home's access point should be convenient, not a source of stress. Having to deal with broken or malfunctioning equipment is the last thing you want after a long day at work. Good to know there are steps you can take to prepare for any potential problems. Being proactive can minimize the inconvenience and keep your schedule on track.

It is important to identify when your garage door is not working properly, as this can help save time and money. A trustworthy garage door repair company may need to replace the door wire if a few critical indicators are present. Paying attention to these indicators while operating your garage doors can help keep them in good working order.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair or Replacement

You Hear Strange Noises

You hear loud noises from the garage door, similar to fireworks. It usually signals that the springs are broken.

The Garage Door Rollers Are Stuck

The rollers move more on one side of the door frame, causing the door to become stuck in the track or break off entirely.

The Garage Door Is Not Working

When a garage door opener remote ceases to function, one potential reason is that the batteries need to be replaced. However, this is not always the case. If cables snap or the springs develop cracks, there are other signs of something wrong with the garage door opener. When a cable breaks, for example, one side of the garage door may sag. Also, look out for any crookedness in the door, as this can signify an issue.

Irregularities in the Operation of the Garage Door

Is your garage door acting up? Opening and shutting randomly, or not moving even though the opener is running? It may be a sign that the operating settings need to be adjusted. Fortunately, this is something a garage door technician can help you with.

Operating settings on a garage door opener can be easily adjusted by someone who knows what they are doing. So do not hesitate to call for help next time you have trouble with your garage door.

The Garage Door Does Not Open or Close

The garage door may be stuck due to a malfunctioning sensor. The sensors may be dirty or obstructed, preventing the door from closing. Temperature fluctuations or lack of lubrication can cause the door to become stuck. The level may also be unbalanced, causing the door to become stuck.

Have you experienced leaving for work in the morning only to find that the garage door has stopped working? Do not worry — Titan Garage Doors NE is on the way. Our team of professionals is experts at repairing, installing, and maintaining all kinds of garage doors, and we even offer emergency services.

When you need a reliable garage door repair company in Omaha, look no further than Titans Garage Doors NE. You can be sure that we will fulfill your repair needs thanks to our skilled technicians' quick and trustworthy service. For more information on our residential garage door repair services and installations, call us today at (402) 513-0255.