The homeowners in La Vista, NE, were very upset when their faulty lawn mower hit the bottom panel of their garage door. Not only did it inflict serious damage, but also possible risks to their safety. They were eager to find a quick fix, so they called us at Titan Garage Doors NE. Our team immediately looked at the situation and carefully settled on the right materials and size for the new bottom panel. Then, we found the same design from a trusted manufacturer and placed an order. Our expert technicians quickly came back after a week to finish the garage door panel replacement. In no time, we had replaced the panel with a perfect fit. The client could finally breathe a sigh of relief when our team stepped in to keep their property safe and sound. They also praised us for our exceptional services and said they would recommend us to anyone in need! We can not wait to lend a hand to even more families in the future!

It is always a good decision to replace your garage door panel if it is damaged or has been hit by heavy equipment like your lawn mower. A new panel can help keep the elements out of your garage and reduce the risk of further damage in the future. Plus, with a stylish new panel, you can add a layer of protection while sprucing up your home's look!

What are the effects of a broken garage door panel?

A damaged garage door panel can cause several problems, including:

Security Issues

A broken garage door panel can make your home less safe, making it easier for thieves to get in.

Reduced Insulation

The broken panel might let air into the garage, making the door less insulating and raising energy costs.

Cosmetic Issues 

A broken panel can make your home look bad, especially if the garage can be seen from the street.

Difficulty in Opening and Closing 

A broken panel can make it hard to open and close the garage door, which can be frustrating and inconvenient.

Risk of Further Damage

If the damage remains unfixed, it could spread to other garage door parts, making repairs more complicated and expensive. Therefore, It is important to fix any damaged garage door panels immediately. That will avoid these problems and keep your home safe and secure.

What will you do if you have a broken garage door panel?

If you find that a panel on your garage door is damaged, here are some things you can do:

• Determine how bad the damage is: Find out how serious it is and if it only affects one panel or if others are compromised.

• Contact a professional: Contact a reliable garage door repair company and ask them to look at the damage and give you an estimate for restoring it. You should hire a professional to ensure the repair is done safely and well.

• Consider replacing the panel. Again, depending on how bad the damage is, it may be more practical to install a new panel rather than fix it.

• Take safety precautions: If the damage is serious and the garage door no longer works, it is important to take safety steps. Disengage the opener and open and close the door manually.

• Schedule the repair: Once you have a quote, call the garage door repair company to schedule an appointment.

Remember, fixing any broken garage door panels as soon as possible is important to stop further damage. It will also keep your home safe and secure.

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