For a resident in Louisville, NE, broken garage door cables meant they could not use their garage. They knew this was a problem they could not resolve by themselves, so they called us at Titan Garage Doors NE. When we arrived on site, it did not take long to see that one of the garage door cables had come off from its drum. That made opening and closing the garage door quite difficult. The other cable was about to snap, so we started with the repair right away. In an hour or so, we had new cables installed by our certified garage door technician and all moving parts lubricated in between testing runs. Our client was pleased with our work and thanked us for being reliable in such an urgent situation.

Can You Replace the Garage Door Cable Yourself?

You may wonder whether you should hire a professional repair company for any issues with your garage door. It is always best to hire one whenever you experience any issues, big or small. That is especially true for more serious problems like garage door cable replacement. A reliable and experienced technician from a reputable garage door company can ensure the job is done properly. Thus, ensuring your garage door system can function smoothly and efficiently. Here are a few common problems that reliable technicians can handle.

The Most Common Garage Door Repairs

There are several causes why your garage door would not function. It would help if you learned the causes so that you are prepared to handle the situation once you encounter this problem. Some of the reasons are:

Snapped Cables

The cables on your garage door can sometimes become disengaged, just like on a bike sprocket. Generally, this happens because the torsion spring is broken and the garage door cable has snapped.

Disrupted Power Source

Is your garage door opener giving you trouble? It could be that the power source is disrupted. It is worth checking the plug occasionally since people sometimes do not realize they have unplugged the power. Make sure that you are plugging it into a working outlet each time, just as a matter of routine maintenance.

Blocked Photo Eye 

The garage door will not move unless the photo eye is unobstructed. The photo eye is a small sensor that projects a beam of light across the width of the garage door. When the beam is broken, it sends a signal to the opener, telling it to stop.

Malfunctioned Remote Control

Your garage door opener remote control may not work properly for several reasons. The most common reason is that the signal from the remote is not reaching the opener unit due to being out of range. It could be because the motor antenna is damaged or blocked. Another possibility is that the remote needs a new battery, or you may need to reprogram it.

Opener Lock Is Engaged

Once the door does not budge, even if the motor is running, check if it is locked. Locate the locking knob so you can use it to disengage in case any metal parts have slid down to bar access.

Are you in need of garage door repairs? Experts at Titan Garage Doors NE can help out! Whether you have broken springs and cables, a door that will not close, and even a bent panel, you can count on our team for the best service. We have been providing garage door repairs and services to the Omaha, NE, and Lincoln area for years and have a great reputation. Contact us today if you have questions or want to schedule a garage door repair service.