A resident from Omaha, NE, was having trouble with their garage door and called Titan Garage Doors NE for help. One of its lift cables had snapped, causing the door to rise unevenly, making its motor spin out of control. The client wished for a timely solution so they could begin using their garage again. Upon inspection, we discovered that the other cable was also fraying due to corrosion. Our technician suggested a garage door cable replacement would be in their best interests. Replacing both cables would be more practical because once one snap, the other will quickly follow suit. The client was glad for our insight and garage door repair service, saying we showed up quickly and fixed the problem without taking longer.

Garage door cables are the life of your garage door. Still, they can and will eventually get worn down, even with proper maintenance. Having a garage door cable break is one of the most 

disappointing things that can happen to you. Imagine how you will feel when you learn the cable has broken and needs to be replaced. You do not have to do it often, but you should. 

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Garage Door Cable

It would be best to replace them when they are in bad shape, or your garage door takes longer than usual to open. Take a look at some pointers below on replacing your garage door cable.

Stop, Look and Listen for Early Signs

Cables can quickly wear down even with the highest quality garage door rollers. To keep your door moving smoothly, listen for squeaking or grinding noises. Also, check for visible marks or damage on the cables themselves. Lastly, be aware of a slight burning smell indicating a roller problem.

Cables Are Loose or Drooping

Cables either too loosely wound or falling around the door indicate that something is wrong with the cables. Do not open or close the door in this case. Instead, call for an emergency garage door repair service immediately.

Misaligned or Crooked Doors

Door alignment is crucial for the proper functioning of your garage. A misaligned garage door can cause several problems. For instance, you may experience difficulty opening and closing the doors and damage to the springs and motor. Not only is it a hassle to open and close your garage, but a misaligned garage door can cause damage to your car and your home and even injure you. A faulty garage door cable is one common cause of misalignment. The cable is responsible for drawing the garage doors along the tracks, so a malfunction can quickly lead to major issues.

Delayed Opening of the Garage Door

Do you ever feel frustrated when your garage door does not open immediately? After repeatedly pressing the opener button, does the door slowly open? While several garage door issues could cause this problem, one possibility is a damaged cable. When this happens, the door will try to open, but it can take a long time to “catch.” 

Do you watch your door struggle to open, or does responding take longer? You can rely on Titan Garage Doors NE to address any garage door-related problems quickly and efficiently, including garage door cable replacement. We are a locally-owned garage door company in Omaha, NE, providing our clients with years of industry experience, round-the-clock emergency service, and incredibly reasonable rates.

We are what you need. Our garage door parts and services combine premium design with superb functionality. Plus, our entire line of garage door products is sturdy and secure. So if you have any questions or want to set up a consultation, call us, and we will help you through the process.