When their garage door unexpectedly stopped working, a client from Papillion, Nebraska, called Titan Garage Doors NE for an emergency garage door repair. The door raised unevenly because one of the lift cables had snapped. To ensure the client's and their family's safety, we recommended that they refrain from using the door until an expert could examine it. The client asked us to come as soon as possible as they were about to leave for the day. Upon closer examination, our technician found that the other cable was weak and had frayed from continued use. It was simply a matter of time before it broke, so we recommended replacing them both. The client appreciated our team's quick response on the garage door cable replacement. If not for our immediate action, they would have missed attending the significant family event that day. The client expressed how grateful they were for a job well done.

Garage doors may not look complicated, but many working parts come together to make the door open and close smoothly. Sadly, when one of the cables that run through the springs breaks, it can cause big problems. This post will explain how these cables work and whether you can repair them. We will also advise on what to do if the door to your home is stuck open.

How Do Garage Door Cables Work?

The springs in your garage door are under much tension and help to balance the door's weight. However, these springs can be dangerous and cause damage or injury if they break. Heavy cables are run through the springs to prevent this from happening.

Types Of Garage Doors Cables

Lift Cables

Lifting cables are used on garage doors with torsion springs to keep the door securely closed. The cables are connected to the bottom corners of the door and routed upwards to the torsion springs.

Retaining Cables

Cables known as "retaining cables" are used in garage doors equipped with extension springs. These cables help to prevent the springs from flying across the room and causing damage or injury if they break. The springs that run vertically along the right and left sides of the door contain the cables.

The strength and flexibility of garage door cables are often underestimated. However, they are not invincible and can break under strain. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the condition of your garage door's springs and cables. Immediately inform a professional of any signs of damage or breakage.

Can You Fix the Garage Door Cable on Your Own?

There are several potential causes for a cable issue, including:

  • Cables can become wrapped around a drum incorrectly, which may cause a door to become jammed.
  • There may be a full unwinding of the cables from the drum, which requires reconnecting.
  • When the pulleys wear out, the cable no longer functions as it should.

It is never a smart move to try and fix a broken garage door cable yourself. Instead, it is better and safer to call a professional who can repair it without damaging the door or other moving parts. At Titan Garage Doors NE, we also carry out a full performance check of the door as part of our repair service. It helps to identify any other problems that could become worse over time.

Actions To Take If Your Garage Door Is Stuck Open

A broken garage door cable can leave your home vulnerable to intruders. Thus, it is crucial to cut the unbroken cable and allow the door to close to protect your family and property. Cutting the good cable will not increase the repair cost. Our garage door repair service includes replacing both cables as a safety measure. We will take care of both cables to prevent future problems, so feel free to cut the unbroken one.

WARNING: Do not attempt to cut the unbroken cable yourself. Doing so could result in serious injury. Instead, have several others help you lower the door slowly and carefully once the cable is cut.

What should you do with a stuck garage door? Do not let the problem worsen. Before you freak out, there is one thing you can do. Turn to our experts at Titan Garage Doors NE. When you call us for garage door repair service, we will come to your place and examine the cables and repair or replace them as necessary. We also provide top-notch garage door installation and garage door maintenance services, so you can rest assured that your home is safe and secure. With our  emergency garage door service, we are committed to addressing your concern immediately. Contact us today for a free estimate.