Titan Garage Doors NE had a request for garage door repair in Ralston, NE from a resident whose door refused to close fully or reversed while closing. After inspecting the moving garage door mechanisms, it was clear that the issue was not a broken spring or malfunctioning opener. It turned out the customer had accidentally set the speed limit far above what was recommended for the door. We showed her how to reset the configuration, and the problem was resolved right away. 

If your garage door behaves erratically—does not open/close all the way or closes but opens back up—something could be wrong with the opener’s limit switch. Because it is so important, any malfunction of the limit switch can substantially impact the opener’s operation. Fortunately, you can identify and solve these issues if you know where to look and what to do. 

What is a garage door limit switch?

The garage door limit switch is a component of the garage door opener. As the name implies, it controls how far the door can travel while opening or closing. The limit switch signals the opener to stop running when the door is fully closed or opened. Most garage openers come with a limit switch near the top of the door. It guarantees safety by preventing the door from moving beyond a safe range and causing serious injuries or accidents.

Symptoms that your limit switch needs adjustment

The garage door does not close all the way down

The close-limit switch tells the motor to stop when the door reaches its fully closed position. If the down-limit switch is adjusted incorrectly, the motor may be triggered to stop before the door has fully descended. If your garage door has this problem, you may immediately remedy it by changing the down-limit switch.

The garage door does not open all the way up

If the door stops before fully opening, the up-limit switch may need to be adjusted closer to the opener's motor unit to resolve the issue. This switch is usually located near the motor unit at the end of the garage door opener track. The door will stop before fully opening if it is too far away from the unit.

The garage door closes and reverses to the open position

If the garage door closes and then opens by itself when you want to close it, the close limit switch needs to be adjusted.

The garage door opens, but the motor continues to run

This is a problem caused by the up-limit switch being too close to the motor unit of the garage door opener. It is an issue unlikely to occur on a regular basis, as it only happens after installing a new opener. However, you may need to move the up-limit switch away from the motor unit if your garage door opens, but the motor continues to run. The issue can also happen if the gears inside the motor unit are stripped, allowing the unit to operate freely without drawing the door open. 

If your garage door problem remains after adjusting the position and setting of the limit switches, a technician may be required to inspect the motor unit. Titan Garage Doors NE is the leading provider of garage door repair services in the Ralston area. We have a team of highly skilled and licensed professionals who are experts in all aspects of garage door maintenance, repair, and installation. We offer a wide range of services to meet the specific needs of our customers, including residential garage door repair, garage door opener repair, and garage door opener limit switch replacement. We also offer free estimates, so contact us today for the best garage door repair service!