We recently had a garage door replacement project in Elkhorn, NE. The client’s home was 15 years old, which meant their garage doors were a bit worse for wear. They were opened, closed, and repainted so many times, and they were at a point where they wanted to update their home to make it aesthetically pleasing again. So the client wished for high-quality doors, particularly ones with an automatic opening mechanism. After consulting and understanding their needs, we installed the double-sized garage door made of heavy-duty steel in a white finish. The new garage door would look beautiful for years with its durable frame and sleek design. Our technicians once again did an impressive job at an incredibly affordable price!

Do you want to renovate your home to increase its value, utility, and aesthetic appeal? If you have an old, damaged door that prevents you from enjoying your home or are simply unhappy with your current setup, it may be time for a garage door replacement. A new garage door improves your home’s aesthetic appeal and enjoyment, boosts its value, and functions as a security measure.

A new garage door installation can be an important investment in your home. It would be best to hire a professional if you are in the market for a new garage door installation. At Titan Garage Doors NE, we know how important it is to meet and consult with clients to identify what kind of door would work best for them. We will ensure that your door is installed properly and safely, adding value and appeal to your home. 

Why is a new garage door installation important?

Older doors are easier to break into, posing a security risk to your home and vehicle. That is why getting a new garage door as soon as possible is critical. A more recent garage door model will have more advanced safety measures, giving you confidence that your family and belongings are safe. 

Newer garage door models also provide better insulation and retain heat better than older models, so installing one is a fantastic method to improve your home’s energy efficiency. You will be able to save money all year long by lowering cooling and heating bills in the summer and winter, respectively. 

The expense of maintaining and repairing outdated garage doors can run into hundreds of dollars. In addition, some garage door parts are costly to replace, while the entire system will need to be replaced in some cases. Many homeowners find replacing parts on a garage door is more expensive than purchasing a new one.

Signs that it is time for a new garage door

Cracking and decaying are telltale signs that it is time to replace your garage door. Any cracking in a garage door indicates the presence of worse problems. It can devalue the entire garage door, pose a safety hazard, and lower the overall value of your home.

A garage door that does not close or open can pose several safety hazards for anyone going into the path of its sensors. Your garage door is unsafe if it will not close, crashes shut, or does not immediately reverse when it detects something in its path. These warning signs will alert you when it is time for a garage door replacement.

You do not want a garage door that costs a fortune to maintain in good working order. If your heating expenditures have increased significantly, there could be a problem with the insulation or weather stripping on your garage door. If you continuously spend money on repairs, it must be time for a complete garage door replacement.

A small change, as simple as replacing your old, broken garage door, can greatly impact how your property is perceived. It surely improves your home’s curb appeal. So when you decide on this home improvement project, let Titan Garage Doors NE lead the way. 

Titan Garage Doors NE is a top garage door installation service provider in Omaha, NE, and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians are highly-trained and experienced in installing all types of garage doors from different brands, including Clopay, Amarr, CHI Overhead Doors, and Raynor. Plus, you can stand confident in your purchase as our premium garage doors and services are covered by a warranty. Contact us today at (402) 513-0255 to learn more and get free estimates.