When our Titan Garage Doors NE team got to this home in Council Bluffs, IA, we quickly figured out what was wrong with the garage door. The client told us that one of their garage door springs unexpectedly snapped while the door opened. This unfortunate incident left them with an unsafe garage door, which was inconvenient and made them worry about safety.

Our garage door repair pros had the right tools and replacement parts so we could quickly address the issue. As a proactive approach, we also suggested replacing the other spring before it breaks. We ensured that the new torsion springs were of the best quality and had the right tension. The powerful springs should be able to last many cycles of use. After finishing the replacement, our team did a thorough safety check and tried the door several times, ensuring it worked well and safely. 

When a garage door spring snaps, it makes a loud, startling sound that can be very alarming for anyone living in the house. Broken springs can be dangerous, so it is important to fix the problem immediately. However, identifying the signs that a garage door spring is about to break is important for keeping the door in good shape and avoiding accidents. 

Signs of an Impending Garage Door Spring Breakage

Unusual Sounds

One of the first signs of a worn spring is hearing strange noises when the door is opened or closed. If you hear popping, creaking, or grinding sounds when you open or close the door, it could mean the spring is under much stress.

Imbalanced Door

A door that is not balanced—one side looks higher or lower than the other when it is closed—is a clear sign that something is wrong. This imbalance could be caused by a spring that is broken or weak.

Slow Operation

A healthy spring gives the door the force to move quickly and smoothly. So, if your garage door starts opening or closing more slowly than usual, it may be due to a weakening spring.

Gaps Appearing in the Spring

Check out the spring itself. If the spring’s coils are gaping or stretching, that is an obvious sign that it is under too much stress and might be about to break.

Visible Wear and Tear

Check the spring for rust, corrosion, or signs of wear. Over time, these elements can weaken the spring and make it more likely to break.

Inconsistent Door Movement

Any uneven movement of the door, like jerking or skipping while it is being used, could be caused by a broken spring.

Sudden Door Drop

The clearest sign that a spring is broken is if the garage door quickly drops when it closes. You should not use the door until it is fixed because this situation is dangerous.

Remember: Understanding these signs can help homeowners take timely action, ensuring safety and preventing further damage to the garage door system. If you ever suspect your garage door spring is about to break, it is advisable to call a garage door technician to handle the replacement. Attempting to fix or replace springs for overhead doors can be extremely dangerous for non-experts.

Have you noticed any unusual things with your garage door lately? Whether it is a strange noise, a door that is slow to open, or rust and corrosion, it is essential to address these warning signs promptly. 

Titan Garage Doors NE is your trusted partner for overhead door spring repair. Our team is dedicated to providing swift, reliable, and top-quality garage door spring service to ensure your garage door is functioning at its best. Do not wait for a minor issue to turn into a bigger problem. Reach out to us now and experience the peace of mind our expert services can offer!