In a recent project, Titan Garage Doors NE completed a garage door spring replacement in Ralston, NE. The issue at hand was a broken garage door torsion spring, a common problem often caused by regular wear and tear.

Scope of Garage Door Spring Replacement

Here is a rundown on how we fixed the client's garage door:

Replacing Both Springs

Our skilled team at Titan Garage Doors NE promptly recognized the issue and suggested replacing both springs for optimum results. Upon the client's approval, we replaced both springs, not just the one broken. That way, we ensured a balanced operation and increased the system's durability.

Lubricating Garage Door's Moving Parts

Once we installed the new springs, our team took the extra step of lubricating all moving parts of the garage door. This maintenance step reduces friction, which allows the door to open and close with improved smoothness and reduced noise. It also helps to prevent early wear and tear and further damage to the door.

The Result

We executed the project on time and, as always, with a clear focus on ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the entire garage door system. With our experts, we left the client with a smooth and fully functional garage door. This project shows, once again, why Titan Garage Doors NE is the top choice for all garage door needs in Ralston, NE.

Guaranteed Client Happiness

We completed the torsion spring replacement project, achieving all set goals within the projected timeline. By replacing both springs and lubricating all the moving parts, the door now works better. It is quieter and moves more smoothly, as we noticed during our tests. The homeowners expressed their satisfaction with the results, noting the garage door's better performance and enhanced security.

How Replacing Both Springs Makes the Garage Door Work Better

Garage door torsion springs work in pairs. When you open a garage door, the torsion springs unwind. It releases tension and transfers the force to the door to assist it in a smooth and balanced upward motion. Conversely, when you close the door, the springs rewind and absorb the weight of the door.

When one garage door spring breaks and you only replace that one, the new spring ends up doing most of the heavy lifting. Meanwhile, the older spring, already worn out, could not be of much help. This imbalance can cause the garage door to move unevenly and put extra strain on the door's mechanism. Over time, this might lead to more wear and tear.

By replacing both springs at the same time, we ensure they share the load evenly, leading to smoother operation. Both springs will have the same tension, will wear at the same rate, and will probably need to be replaced at the same time in the future. In the end, it not only optimizes the performance of the garage door but also extends its lifespan.

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