A homeowner from Schuyler, NE, called us at Titan Garage Doors NE to request a garage door spring replacement service. Upon inspecting, we found that both the torsion springs on their residential garage door were worn out. One had cracked, and the other was missing the protective coating, so we replaced both springs immediately for safety reasons. We completed the repair on time, ensuring that their garage door would not have any further problems.

The garage door is an essential component of your home. It serves as a safe space for your vehicle and you and adds to the value of your home. However, like any other equipment, garage doors will wear out over time, and their parts will require repair or replacement. Broken springs are one of the most prevalent problems with garage doors. The tensile strength of the steel decreases with each use of the door, leading the steel to become brittle and snap over time. If the springs are worn or broken, the entire system will malfunction. 

Can broken springs be repaired?

The answer is no. Garage door springs cannot be fixed once broken and have to be replaced. Furthermore, spring replacement is also not a smart DIY undertaking because it is hazardous. New springs have a lot of strain, so winding them requires skills and special tools. If something goes wrong while winding them, you could be seriously hurt. Even garage door professionals would get injured replacing torsion springs on some occasions. 

Should you replace both springs in a two-spring system even if only one is broken?

It is recommended that you replace both torsion springs simultaneously for two good reasons. First, the two springs were likely installed simultaneously and have the same amount of wear, so replacing the other one will be essential soon. Second, replacing two springs at once is less expensive than having the garage door technician come back later and replace the second spring. The second spring breaking means unscheduled downtime. Garage door servicing done twice is more expensive and inconvenient than replacing both springs at once.

Is it possible to convert to a two-spring system?

Many builders use one spring on garage doors when they install the door. However, if you have one spring on your door and wish to convert to a two-spring door, yes, it is doable. It would not take a lot of work for professional technicians to install two springs. The process involves sliding the second spring from the opposite side of the shaft and winding two springs instead of one. Having a two spring system is a must if you have a double door or one that is 16? feet wide and larger.

There are several advantages to converting from a one-spring torsion system to a two-spring system. One spring systems use a larger spring, which puts additional strain on the other components of the garage door system. Converting to two springs improves the door's balance and even lifting while decreasing stress on different garage door components. This adjustment leads to longer service life for your garage door parts. If one spring breaks or fails, having a second spring reduces the overall risk of your garage door going down. When one spring breaks or fails, it would still be possible to open the garage door in a two spring system manually.

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